Meet Anna, Log my Care's Customer Success Exec

Anna Lawrence is our new Customer Success Executive, helping to make the lives of our customers easier by answering their questions and sorting out demos. She's our in-house product expert!

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Log my Care
Log my Care
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Our team keeps on growing! Say hi to Anna, the newest member of the Log my Care squad.

A bit about Anna…

Anna is originally from Shropshire and spent some time working in Barcelona and Japan before moving back to sunny London in 2020.

"I love to read and, like the rest of the UK, have taken up baking and yoga in lockdown," said Anna. "I’m looking forward to London’s restaurants reopening when it’s safe to do so. I can’t wait to get back to my personal favourites Tayaabs and Silk Road."

Working at Log my Care 💼

Anna has relatives who are currently in care themselves and is motivated to help make Managers’ and Carers’ jobs easier.

"I’ve always wanted to make a positive difference through my work so I’m excited to be part of company that’s partnering with care providers across the UK to make life easier for Carers," said Anna.

"Working with such a hardworking and passionate bunch is an added bonus. This lovely lot is really friendly and have made me feel so welcome already, even though we’ve only met on Zoom!"

Where you can find her 🔍

Anna is the one on the other side of the chat window, so when you write in with questions, she’ll be the one answering them.

"I’m keen to help so please do get in touch with any questions you might have and I’ll show you how our site can work best for you! I’ll also be finding new ways to engage with care providers so we can work with as many as possible"

We’re so thrilled to have Anna join our growing team and she already feels like part of the family. Welcome, Anna!

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