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Join the 1000+ care providers delivering outstanding care with Log my Care

“Log my Care has transformed our frontline and management teams by allowing us to log care at the point of delivery and meet regulatory requirements.

“It's a simple, straightforward system that continues to develop and stay accessible.”

J. Percy
Executive Director at livability

“I've used and demoed various care software/sites/apps, and can say Log my Care is the far superior option!

“They’ve created a seamless experience that I think is accessible to all regardless of technical capability.”

J. Ogungbola
Director at Skolak Healthcare

"As intuitive as a recording system can get. Using the main functions requires little to no training.

“Our frontline staff are now enabled to create records for customers on the go, spending less time doing admin and more directly supporting people."

S. Stone
Programme manager at LOOK Ahead

“We tried a different popular care platform, but nobody could operate the software after 2 full days of training.

“With Log my Care there was no expensive, lengthy training, yet I had it up and running and the staff using it within 1 hour.”

T. Sanderson
Director at Crimson Care
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