All of our features are designed alongside support workers to improve the experience of care for everybody involved, from care delivery and service efficiency to keeping families and friends in the loop.

A middle-aged woman in a carer uniform, smiling and holding a phone, with windows in the background.
Illustration of a young woman in a carer's uniform, sat at a table in conversation with an elderly woman wearing a pink dress.

For care delivery

Get all the tools you need to effectively deliver and record care, from clear care and support plans that put every client at the heart of decision making, to daily task lists that can be checked off on the go.

Illustration of a young woman sat at a desk in a home office, looking at a PC screen showing various icons, with a cat grooming itself under the desk.

For service efficiency

Improve the day-to-day management of your service, gain valuable insights from reports and charts, be alerted to incidents as soon as they’re logged, and more!

A young man standing on the underground, holding a handrail with their right hand, whilst holding their phone with their left hand, looking at the screen, whilst a middle-aged man with a walking stick is sat on a seat in the background.

For updating family and friends

Keep relatives and close friends updated about their loved one’s care, wellbeing and health, in real-time.


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Start delivering proactive care and finally have oversight of your service.

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