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Giving you the tools to deliver outstanding care to benefit everyone - now and in the future.

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Our values and ethos

We've witnessed first-hand how busy support workers are and the impact this has on the quality of care provided. Fewer people don't equal less work (if only!)

This impact is felt across the industry, by society, and most importantly, by those in your care and their families. And that includes our loved ones. And it might well include us one day.

So, we're driven to transform care for society's most vulnerable people.

And together, we have the motivation, awareness and expertise to make this happen.

Our purpose

To transform care for society's most vulnerable people.

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Our mission

To make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care.

Our vision

To be the world's leading digital care management platform.

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Our promise

The core of our care management platform will always be free

We'll make sure everything we do is aimed at helping improve care

We’ll always do our very best to talk straight and listen to your feedback

We'Il treat you with the same dignity and attention that you do to the people in your care

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