Measurable outcomes and goals

Person-centred goal setting, with a clear plan of action.

Goals that empower the people you support


Coordinate efforts towards client goals, while encouraging independence.


Link daily logs to specific goals with accompanying evidence.


Show client progression towards goals with a clear timeline.

"It’s easy to complete and track goals, it’s person-centred, and has instant results."
- R. Sawyer
Registered Area Manager at Moorville Residential

Set specific goals and action plans  

Add a goal with detailed descriptions of what the client aims to achieve, with specific measurements of success.

Managers can create an action plan with the individual steps needed to accomplish the outcome, then associate it with a care plan.

Link goals to daily logs

Tracking progress towards goals is easier than ever.

Carers can simply click the 'Link a goal' button to connect a log to a goal, and even add supporting evidence such as photos and written or dictated details.

Connect care plans to goals and view timelines 

Linking relevant care plans to clients’ goals provides the care team with additional insight into clients’ needs.

For complete oversight, you’ll have access to a full timeline of events that will be time and name stamped. You’ll know when a goal is reviewed or signed, and what daily logs have been linked to your clients’ goals.

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Transparent pricing without any hidden fees

We’re not running a budget airline, so there are no unexpected fees. Just pay a fixed price per service user, based on the number of users and chosen add-ons.

A capable care management platform, free forever
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Everything you need to go paperless
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Start delivering proactive care and finally have oversight of your service.

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