How it works

We give you the technology to provide outstanding care, through an easy-to-use online dashboard for managers and an app for carers and support workers.

Online dashboard for managers

The Care Office is your control centre giving you a real-time overview of what's happening in your service, wherever you are. From here, you can add team members and clients, assign tasks, access reports, upload documents and more.

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App for carers

Our Carer App allows your team to record the care they deliver on the go. They can access personal to-do lists populated with tasks you assign them, create logs, view handovers, see important client information and more.

Illustration of a young woman wearing a carer's uniform, sat in a chair using a tablet to complete a task shown on the screen, with a loveheart, tick and speech bubble shown around their head.


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Start delivering proactive care and finally have oversight of your service.

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