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Feb 12, 2024

Easily access care data with Download Centre

Simplify data access with Download Centre, our new central hub for seamlessly exporting essential care data.

We're excited to introduce Log my Care's Download Centre to help Care Managers quickly retrieve care records, all in one place.

Based on customer feedback, our users found it repetitive having to manually manage the amount of data they downloaded and exported from our platform. For those requiring a lot of data, being unable to easily find all of their downloaded files from one place became time-consuming. So, we listened.

The Download Centre helps consolidate repetitive tasks, making it easier than ever to export and share essential care data.

This feature is available for customers on our Pro and Outstanding plans.  

What is the Download Centre?

Say hello to more control and even more saved time. With the Download Centre, users can sort and filter essential files and manage data with more consistency and efficiency, in one place. This includes:

  • Downloading individual data files, or CSVs
  • Downloading multiple files in a single go  
  • Bulk downloads

It’s a centralised hub designed with the needs of care managers in mind. Crafted to empower you with quick and efficient access to essential care data, it enables a seamless flow of information related to daily logs, service users, staff members, risk assessments, and care plans.

How does the Download Centre impact care teams?

At Log my Care, we understand how important it is to easily access and share care data. It affects efficiency, transparency, and outcomes within your care service, and this is why we created Download Centre: no more repetitive, time-consuming and manual extraction of care data.

The Download Centre consolidates all relevant information into one accessible location, ensuring that you can retrieve the data you need swiftly, and allowing more time for what truly matters: providing quality care.

Here's what you can expect to positively experience from our Download Centre:  

1. Data accessibility and availability  

Relevant care data will be easily accessible to managers, who can quickly retrieve information such as:

  • Service user and team member records
  • Risk assessments and care plans
  • Logs

2. Time-saving with bulk downloads

Users can now download multiple files in a single go, streamlining the process and saving significant time. This feature is particularly beneficial for care managers who deal with large volumes of data, allowing them to complete tasks more quickly and focus on other critical aspects of their responsibilities.

3. Increased focus on care quality

With the time-saving benefits of the Download Centre, care managers can redirect their focus towards delivering high-quality care. By eliminating repetitive and time-consuming data extraction tasks, they have more time to dedicate to person-centered care planning, staff training, and addressing the unique needs of service users. This shift in focus ultimately enhances the overall quality of care provided within the service.

How to access the Download Centre

For Starter users

This feature is available for users on our Pro and Outstanding plans. Get in touch with our team to learn more about upgrading your plan.

For Pro users

In the Care Office, go to Reports, then click Download Centre on the left sidebar.

For Outstanding users

In the Care Office, go to Group Reports, then click Download Centre on the left sidebar.

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