What sets Log my Care apart from other care platforms?

We know there are various care platforms who all say statements such as “easy to use” and have similar features. So, we want to show you some of the details that make Log my Care so popular with our users.

One simple choice at a time

Any step in the app only ever presents the user with one choice without the usual button overload. That is key to stopping users from feeling lost and uncertain about where to go next. For example, to make a log in the app, you:

1) Pick a service user

2) Choose a category

3) Select an item

4) Enter the details

These basic options allow your team to create a detailed log, and makes our system easy to use.

Step-by-step document templates

With Log my Care, creating a care plan or risk assessment is a matter of filling out one box at a time. There are prompts to help managers enter all the relevant details in our CQC-approved formats.

Carers will have access to the latest version of care plans, risk assessments and other documents – perfectly formatted for viewing on their phone.

Answering your questions in minutes

If you ever have a question about how to use Log my Care, you won’t be left waiting for an email response hours or days later.

Our 24/7 live chat support typically responds to messages in under 5 minutes.

Continually implementing user feedback

Our designers aren’t locked away in a cave, guessing what carers might want. In addition to surveys, they regularly do site visits to see Log my Care in action and gather feedback from users. 

Site visits help us to identify anything that could be more intuitive or come up with ideas for new features. Our speech-to-text functionality, for example, was created after collecting feedback from care teams that needed to add notes by talking instead of typing.

“The best thing about Log my Care is they’re always updating their product and engaging with users about areas for improvement. They’ve created a seamless experience that I think is accessible to all regardless of technical capabilities.”
- J. Ogungbola
Director at Skolak Healthcare

Transparent pricing without any hidden fees

We’re not running a budget airline, so there are no unexpected fees. Just pay a fixed price per service user, based on the number of users and chosen add-ons.

A capable care management platform, free forever
from £100/ month + VAT
That's £1200.00 per year, based on 10 service users
Contact us for a quote
For services who manage multiple sites
Choose the pricing that suits you best, billed annually
Everything you need to go paperless
from £7 / month
per active service user
For people-centred care delivery
Contact us for a quote
For oversight and impact
Log my Care icon only logo.

Start delivering proactive care and finally have oversight of your service.

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