How it works

Online dashboard for managers

The Care Office is your control centre, giving you a real-time overview of what's happening in your service, wherever you are.

A screenshot of the Log my Care online dashboard inside a digital mock-up of a PC screen, showing a menu bar and six boxes with the headings "Residents," "Incidents," "Team," "Today's To-Do's," "Birthdays," and "What's on offer," with the bottom left-hand corner obscured by a screenshot of the Log my Care app inside a digital mock-up of a mobile phone, displaying a timeline of time-stamped events with a heading that reads "To-Do's" and a graphic of a house containing client headshots, with the heading "Quick Log."

Using the Care Office

You can use the Care Office to add each of your team members, assigning them to specific clients and giving them tasks to complete in the Carer App. You can also set staff access levels to control what information they can see.

Create profiles for your service users

Within your dashboard, you can create profiles for each of your service users that contain a detailed record of their care provision. This includes an overview of their basic information, medical history, emergency contacts and more. You can further enhance these with care and support plans, risk assessments, electronic medication (MAR) charts and consent forms.

Store documents and policies

Our Care Office is where you can find reports about your clients’ most important health information, and a place for you to store all your important documents and policies that your team needs to be aware of.

Update family and friends

You can also invite relatives and close friends to our Family Portal from here, to keep them updated about their loved one’s care, wellbeing and health.


Software requirements

You'll need access to the internet and an up-to-date browser - we'd recommend using Google Chrome. That's it!

Our features

We've got a whole host of features that will help you provide outstanding care to your clients, including those tailored for care delivery and service efficiency.

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