Manage and view care activities with the Care Office

The online dashboard to help you keep everything running smoothly, the Care Office gives you a real-time overview of what's happening in your service, wherever you are.

An overview of key activities

The Care Office gives your management team a simple overview of all the tasks, incidents and documentation for your care service.

Each section is designed to only show key information, keeping things free of clutter and confusion.

Assign and track tasks

From the Care Office you can create to-do’s for anyone on your care team, with details such as signature requirements or recurring events.

You will then be able to see every task and log on the dashboard, to get an instant status of each assigned task.

See the big picture with reports

Use the reports to see overall patterns, such as incidents and medication, for continuous quality improvement. Each report provides a breakdown of the data over the selected time frame.

Managers find it useful for spotting any trends, whether it’s issues that need fixing or the positive impact from recent changes.

Create and organise client documents

Create client documentation in the Care Office, such as care plans, risk assessments and goals.

You can set yourself reminders to update care plans when necessary, and will see read receipts when each carer has viewed the latest version.

Organise your service with roles and zones

Manage all of your carers and residents within the Care Office.

Residents and carers can be assigned to ‘zones’, which represent groupings such as floors, sites. You can then set access limits to the app or Care Office with user roles.

Breeze through inspections

Preparing for inspections no longer causes a massive headache. Simply share the evidence gathered on our platform, and the inspectors will have all the information they require.

“As managers, having the dashboard ensures we’re aware of any overdue tasks straight away so that we can address them.
The app also shows us any accident or incident when we’re away from the service, so we can give full support."
- W. Love,
Google review

Want to see inside the Care Office?

Go ahead and book a call with us, where we can discuss the manager portal along with any other aspect you’re curious about.


Transparent pricing without any hidden fees

We’re not running a budget airline, so there are no unexpected fees. Just pay a fixed price per service user, based on the number of users and chosen add-ons.

A capable care management platform, free forever
from £100/ month + VAT
That's £1200.00 per year, based on 10 service users
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For services who manage multiple sites
Choose the pricing that suits you best, billed annually
Everything you need to go paperless
from £7 / month
per active service user
For people-centred care delivery
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For oversight and impact
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Start delivering proactive care and finally have oversight of your service.

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