Product updates
Apr 17, 2023

Empower your clients with our new Outcomes and Goals feature

Take person-centred care to new heights

We’re excited to introduce outcomes and goals, our new feature that will take person-centered care to new heights, making it easier than ever before to set goals, track progress, as well as achieve and evidence outstanding results for your clients.

At Log my Care, we understand that your clients’ well-being and progression are at the core of everything you do. But it can be challenging to collect data to demonstrate the effectiveness of your teams' care delivery and ability to help clients achieve their objectives.  

Outcomes and Goals is here to help! Our new feature will empower you to:

  • Set goals for your clients and evidence progress
  • Create an action plan for each goal and add relevant documents  
  • Link care plans to each goal  
  • Empower your clients to digitally sign their goals
  • Track goals’ progress by linking logs  
  • Review goals  

This means you can streamline internal processes from one central place, provide person-centered care, coordinate your care team efficiently and much more.

Set and manage clients’ goals, progress and results from one place

With Outcomes and Goals, you can add goals, track and evidence the progress for each goal, meeting CQC best practice guidelines. Even better, you can add action plans for each goal, upload relevant documents and link care plans.

Having all your clients’ information in one central place will help you make well-informed decisions and tailor their care as needed. Plus, it ensures that the information is always up-to-date, safely stored, and easily accessible to relevant carers. With this feature, it will be far easier to prove that you’re keeping clients safe and well-supported.

Provide person-centred care by supporting positive risk-taking and independence

Outcomes and Goals allows you to bring clients into the goal-setting process and empower them to take an active role in their care, which can lead to improved outcomes and greater independence. Our digital signature functionality enables your clients to sign their individual goals and reassures them that their preferences, well-being and progression are your top priority.

Coordinate all your team’s efforts towards achieving specific client goals

With Outcomes and Goals, your care team can link multiple and specific daily logs to each of your clients’ goals. This helps you track the progress of each goal and improve communication within your team, ensuring no activities and efforts are duplicated.  

By using Outcomes and Goals, you can coordinate your team’s efforts to provide person-centred and effective care to your clients. Keeping your team up to date with new outcomes or actions will be easier as they’ll be able to view all the recent activity via the Carer App.  

Ready to take person-centred care to new heights? Join over 1,000 UK providers in learning disabilities services, elderly care and more.

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