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Jul 19, 2023

Enhancing Care Management with To-Do's Daily Dashboard

At Log my Care, we believe in continuously improving our services to meet the needs of care providers like you. We are excited to announce the first of many improvements: the revamped To-Do's daily dashboard. This enhanced feature is designed to streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and provide a more organised approach to managing tasks and responsibilities.

Our newly upgraded To-Do's daily dashboard comes packed with essential tools to make your care management journey smoother and more efficient.  

Let's explore the key benefits and how they can positively impact both care managers and carers:

Easy-to-use filters

Say goodbye to overwhelming to-do lists. With our improved filtering system, you can effortlessly sort tasks based on date, resident, category, item, and carer. This instant oversight empowers you to focus on what truly matters, saving time and energy.

Time-based views

We understand that care schedules can be complex, and different tasks require attention at specific times of the day. Now, you can view your to-do's categorised into early morning, morning, afternoon, and evening slots. This feature ensures that you never miss crucial responsibilities, keeping your care routines on track.

Clear task and status identification

Identifying the type of task is crucial for effective care management. With our new update, you can easily differentiate between to-do's for home, service users, one-off tasks, or recurring assignments. This clarity allows you to prioritise and allocate resources efficiently. You will also have a clear breakdown of which tasks are pending, overdue or have been completed or skipped so you can take immediate action.

Take action with ease

Managing tasks shouldn't be complicated. Whether you need to complete a single to-do or edit a one-off or recurring task, our streamlined interface lets you take action with ease – enhancing your team's collaboration and response time with the click of a button.  

Accessing vital information is now smoother and more efficient than ever before. Don't wait any longer – to experience the revamped To-Do's daily dashboard, head over to the Care Office > To-Do's tab > Daily Dashboard.

At Log my Care, we provide care managers and carers with tools that simplify their roles and make a significant impact on the lives of service users. The To-Do's daily dashboard is just the beginning of our commitment to continuous improvement.  

Are you still using paper for your care records? Contact us and let’s explore how you can access the Adult Social Care Digital Transformation fund and go digital today.

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