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Jan 16, 2018

Free Care Home Management Software is Helping the Care Sector

Quality care home management software helps carers stay on top of everything whilst making their working lives easier.

Carers spend their time working hard to deliver the best care possible. It's obviously a very hands-on process and with the numerous reporting requirements from CQC, it can also be time-consuming and difficult to juggle staying organised, dealing with incidents and providing 1-2-1 care. For care providers, it can be difficult to manage the varied needs of multiple residents and service-users as well as keeping on top of significant amounts of admin that comes in tow. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the administrative tasks, and care can suffer when that happens. Quality care home management software helps carers stay on top of everything whilst making their working lives easier.

What is care home software?

Care home software runs on computers, smartphones, and tablets and allows carers to see details of individuals in their care. Staff can stay updated wherever they are - whether they are providing care in someone's home or doing rounds at a care home - all thanks to the care coordination platform.

Details about individual residents, their care requirements, health charts and medication needs can be accessed through care home management software. All data is stored in the cloud and is monitored by care managers who can restrict access to carers accordingly. It eliminates the need for care plan files and notes to be stored on paper in an office, whilst making sensitive information more confidential.

How is it helpful for carers and care providers?

For frontline carer staff and care homes, keeping a log of who is being cared for each day is really important in effectively managing the delivery of care. Free care software like ours can be used to list recent incidents that staff need to know about. Take for example if someone injured their neck. This information would be logged and then be instantly available to that provider's carers via our care software. Carers can then adapt their care for the service-user appropriately and in a person-centred manner to avoid further injuries and aid recovery. This is much more convenient than relying on word of mouth handovers as messages can get muddled or misinterpreted when passed from person to person.

Seniors and Care Managers can add care tasks to the app, so when a resident needs something regularly, this can be added to a To-Do list for each client. Carers and support workers can access this list and know when to tend to different tasks. This means that tasks for future visits can get added to a To-Do list. Meaning they won't be forgotten about. Quality of care, therefore, increases, because carers can consistently keep on top of their patients' needs. This is great news for carers, care home operators, and most importantly elderly people in their care.

Why free care home management software is good for the care sector

It's not always been easy to find software that is simple to use. That which was previously available has been thought of as outdated, expensive, and complicated for carers to use. Software companies often added advanced features to justify their high prices, however carers struggled to learn their way around the complex software, and they were busy enough already! Independent and smaller scale care businesses usually couldn't afford the pricey software either.

Free care home management software like ours has made care apps accessible to all carers. It gives just the right amount of useful information - as we know too much would be overwhelming. It's specifically designed by carers for carers, which means it has all of the right features allow frontline staff to start using the app quickly, so they can reap the benefits sooner. It's far more intuitive and responsive than a written To-Do list which is susceptible to being lost and become out-of-date. Most importantly it makes carers' lives easier. There's also no financial pressures to consider for the care provider as - it's free!

Does free software really help the people being cared for?

It's unlikely that carers will be sat in front of a computer all day. It's much more likely that they will be out on the floor delivering care 1-2-1. This means it's far more effective to provide a smartphone to them (here’s our guide to which smartphones we’d recommend), so whilst they're on their daily tasks they can record more accurate information at the point of care. A mobile app allows carers to view resident information whilst keeping it private and organised, all from their pocket.

Most carers employed by care homes look after multiple residents at a time, which increases the likelihood of juggling care delivery priorities. Whether someone has specific dietary requirements or medication needs, having more than one person to care for can be difficult and tiring. With a good carer app, the tasks for each carer are all listed out neatly as To-Do's, eliminating the need to remember everything. A carer can simply look at their phone for what they need to do next.

Free care home software is revolutionising the lives of carers and care home managers in the UK. Whether someone works independently or within a team in a home, managing and delivering care is easier with care apps. Staying organised becomes easy, being overwhelmed by paperwork won't happen, and there's no financial worry. Carers can have more time to focus on the people in their care, which is exactly the way it should be.

How can you get started using our free care software?

Because Log my Care is free, all you need to do is head on over to our Get-Started page to set up your free account. Just download the app on to your phone and have a play. If you like the care software, then go ahead and pilot it. If you're unsure or get stuck at any point, please do feel free to hit that little pink button on the bottom right of your screen and chat to one of our team. We'll help you get up and running in a jiffy.

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