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Jun 8, 2021

Help Us Improve Our Mobile Care Software

Log my Care's motto is "By Carers, For Carers" because we are committed to developing software that fundamentally improves the lives of Carers. Part of that work has to include involving Carers in our development process - which is why we have a suggestion board where Carers can request features and updates and vote on other suggestions. It helps us keep in touch with what our Carers want and helps us build better software in the process.

Help us improve our mobile care software by requesting a feature 🙋‍♀️

Our motto at Log my Care is “built by Carers for Carers”. But did you know that our Carers really do help build our mobile care software? It’s true!

When we started Log my Care, we set out to build something that would help Carers in their daily lives. We wanted to make sure that the people we were building a product for were a big part of the process – so we created the “Request a Feature” section in the Care Office.

This section is for Carers and Care Home Managers to pop in suggestions about how our team can improve our mobile care software. Carers can ask for new features, suggest tweaks or improvements to existing functions, and upvote other users’ suggestions too.

If you ask for it, we’ll build it!

Carers have had a hand in our design plans before…

Our most recent updates were ideas given to us by our community members. For example, our new Body Maps feature was one of the highest-rated suggestions on our feedback page. We saw how popular the tip was and decided to start working on it right away. We released body maps officially in October and you can find it in both our Free and Pro modules.

Another super popular suggestion from Care Home Managers was the implementation of electronic medication administration record (eMAR). This suggestion is currently the most upvoted request in our feedback page, and our team got to work building our eMAR feature which we plan to release soon!

Submit a feature request today! 👍

If you have a request or suggestion for our mobile care software, make sure to submit it via our “suggest a feature” link in the Care Office. Our team checks the page regularly and who knows? Maybe your suggestion will be the next project we start 😉

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