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Mar 8, 2023

Introducing new needs and skills features

Are you fed up with using clunky excel sheets to track your staff’s qualifications? You’ll be happy to learn that you can now effortlessly record your team’s skills directly in Log my Care.

Adam Hurst
Adam Hurst
Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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We’re super excited to be launching our needs and skills feature set as part of our Pro and Group plans. With the new features, you can now easily keep track of your carers’ skills and training as well as record your service users’ needs and get an overview of how your staff’s skills match those needs.  

Here’s a snapshot of what the functionality we’ve added will enable you to do:  

  • Ensure your carers always have information about your service users’ needs at their fingertips
  • Track your carers’ skills – both personal strengths and trained qualifications
  • Get an overview of your staff’s qualifications with our new training and skills matrix
  • Quickly identify any soon to be overdue or expired training with new reports
  • Understand if you have sufficient carers with the relevant skill required to support the number of service users with a specific need with our new reports

Enable more person-centred care

With these new features, you can accurately record your clients’ specific needs and any skills your staff have – be it a personal skill like being able to speak a foreign language and being very resilient or a qualification achieved through training like health and safety and safeguarding. This will enable managers to empower carers to use their personal strengths to tailor care delivery according to the service user’s individual needs.

Ensure and evidence compliant care

Each service user’s profile will now include an overview of their individual needs, which you can map against your staff’s skills - making it easy to demonstrate to regulatory bodies that they are caring and responsive to service user’s needs. Moreover, thanks to our new reports on your carers’ skills, you can easily evidence that you keep your team up to date with all training and thus, are ensuring safe and effective care a breeze.

Keep on top of training expiration dates

With our training and skills matrix, you can define and keep track of each carer’s skills - both personal and those that require training. An additional report will flag any training that are due for renewal soon, or have already expired, enabling you to enrol your staff in the necessary refresher courses in time. This way you can ensure your staff stays compliant and up to date with all training.

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