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May 8, 2019

Spring Update - Blood Glucose and more

We've been busy working hard on the spring update for Log my Care. Discover what's new and how we've been improving our award-winning Care Office.

Another week has flown by here at Log my Care and we wanted to share a bit of news. Our amazing developers have been busy again working hard to make improvements to the Care Office. As usual, we'd like to thank everyone from our awesome community whose feedback we've used to help guide our work and build features you need to make your lives as care providers even easier. Each little bit of feedback we receive really does go a long way and once it gets built into the system helps to raise our effectiveness as a tool for every care provider who uses us across the country. Now more than ever it is so true that we are "Designed by Carers for Carers".

So without further preamble, here's what we've been working on!

A New Role Type For Senior Carers

We've been asked for it a few times now, so we've gone and added a brand new access level for Seniors. This new level sits in between Carers and Admins and gives access to view resident information (but not edit) in the Care Office. Admins are still the only ones with editing ability and access to HR functions like adding staff members etc.

Blood Glucose Charts

We've built a chart for Blood Glucose ? readings in the Care Office. Your team can start recording in the mobile App (in the purple Health Recordings category). We'll be adding this chart to the Carer App soon too.

Incident Notification Updates

For all of the community who are using our Pro module, your instant incident notifications all now link through to the resident who was involved. All you need to do is just click on the alert.

General Bug Fixes & Housekeeping

Nobody likes bugs, that's why our super bug-busting team have identified and fixed them.

How To Get Your Hands on The New Features

You'll need to be part of the Log my Care community to access these nifty features (so if you're not, go and Get Started) otherwise you should see them automatically the next time you log in. If you don't see these new features straight away, you'll sometimes need to do a "hard refresh" on your browser. To do this when you are logged in to the Care Office, just hold: Ctrl + Shift + R (or CMD + Shift + R on a Mac).

We hope you enjoy these new features and happy Logging!

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