Going digital
Mar 4, 2021

Make £1,000 with the Log my Care Referral Scheme!

Do you know someone who is thinking about going digital? Start referring friends and colleagues to Log my Care through our Refer a Friend scheme and earn Amazon vouchers for your efforts!

The easiest £1,000 you’ve ever made! 💰

Do you know of someone who is thinking about going digital?

Use the Log my Care referral scheme to send them a link to go digital. You’ll win £50 in Amazon vouchers with every referral and your friend will get 3 months of Pro free. Everybody wins! All it takes is the click of a button.

How does the Log my Care referral scheme work?

  1. Head to the Care Office and click the “Offers” button at the top of the page. You’ll find yourself in our Member Benefits section, where all of our amazing deals and discounts live.
  2. A button called “Refer a Friend” will be featured in the list. Simply the pink “Get referral link” button and receive your unique code!
  3. Send this code to friends and colleagues who are looking to go digital.

Each time one of your friends sign up using that code, we’ll send you a £50 Amazon voucher.

Not convinced? Talk to Temi!

If it all sounds a little too easy…just talk to Temi!?

Temi works at Caremax Support Services and has made nearly £1,000 in Amazon vouchers through our Refer a Friend scheme.  She knows how easy it is to refer – and is totally reaping the rewards for it!

Start referring today 👍

What are you waiting for?! Sign into the Care Office now to start raking in those referral vouchers.

New to Log my Care? Head to our Get Started page to create your free account. If you’ve got questions or would like to learn more about our award-winning care management software, click the pink Chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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