Product updates
Jul 30, 2019

Summer update 2019 - Photos and Zones

Good news everyone! Hot off the back of the recent heatwave (can you believe it hit almost 38 degrees here in the Log my Care office?!) the team have been working hard to deliver two of the most requested features from our community in the past few months. We're proud to introduce to you the launch of Photos and Zones features in our latest care system update.

Evidence like never before with photos?

Everyone with an active Pro subscription can now securely take photos and attach them to a log directly from the Carer App. This is brilliant for keeping a visual record of your care activities and evidence for anything from pressure sores to trips. It also means that no photos are left on mobile devices themselves, which is ace for data protection. Remember if you can’t evidence it how are CQC going to give you that coveted Outstanding rating?

Split your service-users and residents into zones?

We’ve had loads of requests for a simple way to streamline the residents your carers see when they are on a specific shift and when they log into the Carer App. We thought long and hard about this problem, because no two care services group people up, in the same manner it led us to create Zones. This handy feature allows you to group your service-users into different areas like floor, wing or any grouping you like. Perfect for helping your team to only see the info for the people that they are caring for today.

How do you get your hands on these nifty features?

There’s a simple answer firstly either log in to your Pro enabled account and make sure that your Carer App is running the latest edition from the App Store or Google Play Store.  Alternatively, if you’ve not got an account yet, then what are you waiting for?! Head on over to our Get Started page and create your free account.

Happy snapping!

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