Product updates
Nov 3, 2022

We’ve raised £3.25 million to help care providers ‘go digital’

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve received over £3 million in investment!

To celebrate this incredible milestone, our CEO, Sam, tells us how Log my Care was started, his vision for the future and how the funding will help us get there.

What did you do before you founded Log my Care?

I studied engineering at Oxford University – that's where I met my co-founder, Adam. Then I moved into strategy consultancy, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I needed to build up my skillset before starting my own business. After consulting, I joined a software house based in the Far East – they had a nursing home product that I was responsible for bringing to the UK.

As I became more familiar and fascinated by the sector, I started to look at social care's problems through a technological lens. When I realised how analogue the processes in most care businesses were and how there was a complete lack of consumer-grade software out there, I knew I wanted to build a super intuitive and easy-to-use platform to help modernise care.

How did it all start?

We started with a purpose to transform care for society’s most vulnerable people and five years later, we’re still firmly on that path. Early on, we decided to make the core of our platform completely free. Cost is a huge barrier when it comes to adopting technology, so we wanted to do something disruptive and knock down that barrier. After all, it’s our mission to make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care.

What does this funding mean for the future?

This funding means we can expand our team and enhance our product offering. We’re obsessive about listening to our community of care providers, who work with us to set our product roadmap by telling us their most pressing problems.

We’re also working on several NHS integrations and making sure information flows between different health and social care systems, so that clients and services users continue to receive outstanding person-centred care.

While the UK is our main focus, for now, we already have some customers abroad so we’ll be looking to have a real international impact as well before too long.

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