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Jun 11, 2019

What's it like to get a care management platform?

We're all about making the lives of carers easier, so if you want to know more about care management platforms then you're in the right place.

Here at Log my Care we're all about making the lives of carers easier, not just through our care management apps, but by helping you really understand them. If you want to know more about care management platforms then you're in the right place. We'll start right at the beginning letting you know what they are, how they impact on your care service and how you can get one into your care home.

What is a care management platform?

A care management platform is just a way of recording and storing care data digitally, rather than on paper. Simply put, it has two sections; a care office and a care app. The care office is where a manager can upload and organise care plans and distribute tasks to carers digitally. The care app is the really clever bit - carers download it onto their smart device which they carry around with them. They can then log all the care they give, and update their care notes on the go, in real time. The care management platform does all the difficult techy stuff by itself in the background and stores your data securely in the cloud.

It really is that simple and to be honest if you've read this far then that's great news because that is as confusing as it gets!

How does it impact a care home (if you're changing from paper for electronic)

Moving from a paper-based system of note recording to a digital one can seem a little intimidating at first, especially if things have always been done a certain way. Of course, if that way is working okay for you now, why change? Well care management platforms can help you work a lot smarter and switching to a care management platform can make your life a lot easier and save you a ton of time ( our community tell us it's on average about 2 hours a week they save per member of staff).

How does a care management platform help with care recording?

We all know that reading other people's handwriting can be a bit tricky (especially if you've forgotten your glasses). That's where care platforms can help with the accuracy of care notes. The care app gives you iconised buttons to help record care and then presents it all in an easy to read, standardised format - you can even make graphs and reports to evidence your care. And for those that don't speak English as a first language, the ability to voice record notes and have them automatically written up not only saves time, but it can really help with spelling and grammar by eliminating mistakes.

All of your care records are backed up and stored safely on the cloud, saving on space and the worry of losing your data. The nature of care management software also means that its quick and simple to update care notes on the go. With the option to snooze tasks and set reminders for later, time saved on hand-writing notes can be more effectively managed to deliver great care.

How do you help staff to get used to using a new platform? (training, champions, games)

Moving to a new system can be daunting, but we're here to help make it as seamless and simple as it should be. For the care manager, we'd recommend spending a bit of time getting used to the system yourself before rolling it out to staff, but we've got loads of guides and useful information to help you out.

Once you're used to the software, why not consider running a pilot in your home to allow the staff to test it out. It might help to pick a champion (or two) to take the lead on implementing care software in your home. This could be someone that is a bit more tech-savvy or someone that carers can give feedback to easily. Â A pilot gives you the chance to help staff learn about the app and let them build confidence using it. The best care management platforms are intuitive and easy to implement, but if you do have any questions, we promise we really are a friendly bunch here and you can always get in contact with us if you need to.

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