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Aug 8, 2018

Why is Our Care Software Free? The Founder explains

We get asked this a lot and by a lot, I mean at least 5 times a day. Why are you free? How is the Log my Care home software free? What's the catch?

Sam Hussain
Sam Hussain
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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This week I've taken over the blog, so I thought I'd tackle something that keeps cropping up when we speak to care providers who are thinking of using Log my Care.

Why are you free?

We get asked this a lot and by a lot, I mean at least 5 times a day. "Why are you free?" "How is the Log my care home software free?" "What's the catch?"

To tell you this, we'll need to go back to the beginning. It started when we were working for other companies who already provided care software. We saw first-hand how stretched care providers had become from yearly budget cuts, increasing costs and spiralling administrative requirements.

Our core electronic care planning software will always be free.

Although care software genuinely is a great way to mitigate all of these issues, many care providers just couldn't afford the expensive software licences, so just 'battled on' using paper to record care. The other thing we saw a lot of were care providers struggling to really get to grips with a care system because it was too complicated for their carers and frontline staff to actually use. It was a real shame because providers stood to gain so much from going digital:

  • Better insight into the care being delivered
  • Big time savings
  • More 1-2-1 resident care
  • An easier way to provide evidence to inspectors.

In the end, we decided to do something about it and set up Log my Care with the 4 underlying principles:

  1. Our core electronic care planning software will always be free
  2. We will make sure everything we do is aimed at helping improve care
  3. We will always do our very best to talk straight and best to listen to your feedback.
  4. We will treat you with the same dignity and attention that you do to the people in your care.

What does that mean for you as a care provider?

We're investing all our time and energy into a fantastic care system that people love (check out our reviews!) This means we love getting feedback from our users on how we can improve the platform.

Our software is designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible for you to use, as we don't want to pull multiple members of your team away from their day jobs for full training days. It also means we don't need to send out a fleet of training staff to get your team up to speed. Within a few minutes and a quick play around, you'll understand what you need to do. And if that's not enough we've got walkthrough videos and help articles that you can delve into at your leisure.

We'll never develop a premium plan or feature that will impact the essential performance of our free core software.

So, how is Log my Care going to sustain itself?

We’ll let our free care software speak for itself and only once you’re delighted with it, we’ll introduce some optional paid plans. These will have a small charge to help keep us going and will expand on our Care software’s free core functionality. Very importantly we promise that we’ll never develop a premium plan or feature that will impact its essential performance as we know how important it is to bring truly useful free care software to the market.

As a result, we do depend on you, our awesome care providers. We’re building an amazing community of carers all over the country but we need your help to spread the word! You can do this pretty easily, if you love what we do and how we’re helping your care service, then tell your friends!

And if you’re not already using Log my Care in your care service, then you need to hurry up! It’s free to use and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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