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May 14, 2021

Top Apps For Care Assistants - The 2021 List

There are apps available for almost anything these days and the quality can really vary. We decided to make a list of some of the top apps for care assistants in 2021 to help make life easier for you when considering which app to download!

There’s an app for almost anything these days! And that can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right app for you. So we decided to create a list of the top apps for care assistants in 2021 to help save you time when making a decision about which app to go with.

NHS App Library

Cost: Free

The NHS App Library is one of the best resources out there when it comes to finding apps to suit your needs. It’s got loads of different apps specific to social care, from nutrition to Dementia to general advice. You can search by category and price to quickly and easily find the right app for you. The best part? All the apps have been reviewed by the NHS so you can sleep easy knowing you’re getting the best advice vetted by credible sources.

My House of Memories App

Cost: Free

My House of Memories is a great app for those living with memory loss. The app is designed to help jog users’ memories by featuring photos of items that may remind them of their past. My House of Memories features hundreds of photos of objects. It’s got photos of wedding rings and cinema tickets to World War One memorabilia, all of which are complete with descriptions, sound, and music to help spark a memory. It’s even got a section where users can upload photos of their own treasured items to share memories with loved ones.

The Carer App

Cost: Free

It wouldn’t be the list of the top apps for care assistants without our very own Carer App. Record care on the go and get full care notes logged in just a couple of taps. Carers across the UK are saving loads of time and making their lives easier by using the Carer App. Plus, it will help you spend more quality time with those in your care. That’s a real win-win in our book! 😁

Mind Mate App

Cost: Free

Mind Mate was developed by a group of young people who have loved ones in care and wanted to create something to help boost their cognitive abilities. The app has lots of different ways to stimulate the brain, from memory tests to problem-solving games. It’s even got sections to promote physical activity, nutrition, and social interaction. It’s a great app for caregivers to share with service users living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or any other form of memory loss.

HoursTracker: Hours & Pay App

Cost: Free

Having trouble keeping track of your hours and shift? Trying to budget for payday but can’t quite work out what your next cheque will be? Check out HoursTracker. ⏰ It helps you log shifts work, track your pay and more. You can set reminders to clock in and out and even make notes in the app once you’ve finished your shift.

Piano With Songs App 🎹

Cost: Free

Music can be massively helpful in reducing stress and calming anxiety. It can also be particularly therapeutic for those with memory loss or learning disabilities. Piano With Songs allows users to play along on an electronic keyboard to thousands of songs from many different time periods. Download it now and give it a whirl to experience all the benefits music has to offer! 🎶

And there you have it! Our top apps for care assistants featuring an app very near and dear to our hearts. Check them out and if you have an app you think we should add to the list, pop us a messaging using the pink Chat button in the right-hand corner of your screen.

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