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Sep 12, 2019

Care Management Applications - which is the right one for you?

With so many different care apps on the market at the moment, it can be difficult to work out what's right for your care home. This week's blog explores the things you should consider when choosing the right care management application for you.

What is a care management application?

Care management applications (we often call them care apps) are a new and clever way of managing your care records electronically, rather than on paper. They use a care coordination platform which allows carers to access care records and details of residents via the secure app on their smartphone. They can also update the care records from this app, which is a lot more time effective compared to paper care records.

What are their benefits?

Care apps, such as those developed by us here, fit seamlessly into the daily routine of care givers and have been designed with the help of carers to make sure that they actually mitigate the problems involved with paper care records. This means that the Carers’ apps that they use day in and day out, are not only intuitive but simple to use. Prompting their care recording with built in relevant questions and helping them to create full notes with common answers pre-installed. This helps carers to quickly update care records as and when they deliver care and to reduce their time spent focussing on admin rather than delivering 1-2-1 care. Care apps also have the benefit of being carried around in the pockets of carers when they are giving care, meaning data is easy to access when it is needed most.

What are the different options out there?

There are a few different care apps on the market at the moment, with many of them offering different financial models or packages. Log My Care is the only app on the market that runs off a freemium model – that means the main bulk of our software is free. Of course there are other care apps available, which offer different features so it’s worth doing your research to assess what is right for your care home.

How do you assess what is important for you and your service?

It’s important to look at the different features that care apps offer, and not all of them will be right for your care home, nursing home or carers. What we will say though, is that at Log my Care we pride ourselves on the intuitive nature of our app and accompanying software – its super easy to learn and use and can be incorporated seamlessly into the daily lives of carers. In fact, lots of members of our community have commented on how quickly carers have been able to start using the app.

If you’re looking into incorporating a care management application in your care home and want one that is easy to use and has no upfront costs, then you should consider giving us a try. We cover everything you need in an easy to use free package.

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