Jun 20, 2019

The Top 5 Tips For Care Coordination Platforms

Care coordination platforms can make life for your team of Carers easy and improve the quality of care you deliver. But making sure you choose the right platform can be tricky. Check out our top 5 tips for choosing a care coordination platform and you'll be an expert on care coordination platforms in no time!

If you're considering implementing a care coordination platform in your care home, then make sure you read our top 5 tips before you do.

1. Understand what a care coordination platform actually is

Choosing to use a care coordination platform is the easiest way to move from paper-based care recording to electronic care recording.

They make it easy to manage care delivery and distribution of daily tasks and Carers themselves save tons of time by using simple apps to log all their care notes. A good care coordination platform, whichever one you chose, should help you improve the quality of care in your service.


2. Consider your main aims before you choose a care coordination platform

You'll need to decide on why you want to switch to a care management platform - there are lots of benefits, but if you pick one or two main reasons or aims, then you'll be able to measure the success of a care coordination platform easily.

Do you want to become GDPR compliant? Would you like to improve care delivery by making sure tasks are distributed between carers evenly? Is it important for you to track care delivery efficiency and analyse the health metrics of your residents? Are you keen to have your care notes recorded quickly and in real-time?

3. Consider your care service's hardware requirements?

You don't need a lot to switch to care management platforms. It's all software-based and stored in the cloud. Saying this, a Care Manager will need access to a computer to set up your residents/service-users on the platform, add Carers, and distribute tasks.

Other than that, each Carer on a shift will need a smart device to download the Carer App. Staff can use their own device if you want to cut costs, or the care home could choose to invest in smartphones.

You'll also need a stable internet connection covering your care home, but if you're struggling with Wi-Fi coverage, we can point you in the right direction as well.

4. Try before you commit to changing

We really think that the best way to learn and understand care management platforms is to create a free account and have a go yourself!

Our software is built to be intuitive, simple, and easy to use. This is a real bonus when introducing it to your home as it is designed to be integrated into Carer's daily life seamlessly.

We won't leave you on your own though, you'll get detailed instructions and you can always talk to us for a run through the of the system. It might also help to get Carers to have a go on the App and give you feedback, or even run a pilot scheme to help you understand what works well in your home. ?

5. Get buy-in from management

Most importantly, speak to the decision-makers to make sure they are all happy.

If anyone has concerns, you can always remind them of how electronic care management platforms can improve the way Carers work. At Log my Care we've spent hours talking to Carers to make sure that our software will not only improve the working environment for Carers but also the quality of care that is given. We came up with intuitive software that makes it easy to record care in seconds, is backed up securely, is GDPR compliant, and most importantly, is free! ?

We're confident it will revolutionise the way you work, and if you're not convinced then why not listen to some stories from other Log my Care users.

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