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Jan 26, 2021

We're Partnering Up With Klyk! Care Home Mobile Device Management

We've partnered with Klyk! This means we are now offering Mobile Device Management for your care service. No more worrying about arranging devices for your staff, let us handle it for you!

What is Klyk?

Klyk is a UK telecommunications company that takes the hassle out of organising technology for your care service. Their emphasis is on sustainability, providing cost-effective refurbished Samsung devices that come installed with a mobile device management (MDM) system. This removes the environmental impact of buying new tech and takes away the burden of managing your staff’s devices.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? 🤔

MDM simplifies your life by giving Klyk the responsibility of managing your staff’s devices and freeing up your time. It is a fully managed service that controls what apps (Log my Care being one of them!) are allowed on your staff’s phones, what apps can be accessed by your staff, and also what WiFi networks the phones can work on.

It’s all managed remotely by Klyk and you don’t have to touch a thing!

What does this mean for you?

You don’t have to worry about arranging or setting up devices for your carers, you can leave it all up to us. Simply tell us how many handsets you want and we will send the order over to Klyk. Kylk will then arrange the devices to be sent over to you, ready to use right out of the box with Log my Care already installed so you can get started right away!

By using refurbished Samsung phones you are significantly reducing the amount of money you spend on tech. MDM means you are adding an extra layer of security for your care service and you are saving valuable time by not having to set the devices up yourself.

Want to learn more? 🤓

We have put together a support article that runs you through everything you need to know about our partnership with Klyk and how you can take advantage of it.

If you want to find out more about Klyk then you can head over to their website. If you want to get started with Log my Care and Klyk then head over to our get started page and fill in the form. When asked if you would like help sorting devices for your care service then simply tick ‘yes’!

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