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Jul 30, 2019

Care plans for nursing homes

Are you looking to improve care delivery in your nursing home? Or perhaps you just want to find out a bit more about how digital care plans can help care provision in your home. Keep reading to learn about the basics of care plans in nursing homes.

What are care plans in nursing homes

At some point in your life you’ve probably planned for something, whether it be your career, your future, or even a holiday. Well when someone moves into a nursing home it’s no different. They will need a plan that details all the support they require for good health and happiness in the home.

What are they used for

A really good care plan will let you learn about the person – what they prefer, their interests, their culture – it shouldn’t just be a list of health conditions. It places the person at the centre of their care provision and involves their families as well. Staff and carers can use the plan to understand the resident and how best to approach their care. Care plans can also be used to update daily care logs and keep information about residents accurate. How do they help residents receive appropriate care

In a busy care home with multiple residents, care plans can be relied upon to give staff the right information at the right time to help reduce risks involved with care. For example, when staff are changing shifts, they can be a really reliable source to let new staff know if something important has happened with a resident. Good and accurate care plans will help carers learn about the individual needs of each resident and make sure that care delivery is tailored correctly to them.

What are the benefits of using electronic care plans in Nursing homes

Paper care plans can be slow to update, difficult to access or search through (especially when you’re trying to decipher someone else’s handwriting), and even contain irrelevant or outdated information. Using an electronic care system can help mitigate the risks involved with care delivery by making it easier to keep care plans up to date and making data simple to search through whilst also keeping it secure.

How Log my Care can help

The good news is that Log my Care has some clever and nifty little features that make care plans easy to update and use. Carers can update care notes quickly and in real time via the smartphone app that they can carry with them. It means that care plans can be kept accurate, and relevant data can be accessed by the swipe of a finger! The standardised digital format of Log My Care means that the notes are always easy to read and search through – and it’s all stored securely in the cloud so it’s GDPR compliant. Unlike a lot of other electronic care planning software, the main bulk of Log My Care is completely free. You can even download it today and have a look at how the software works, after all the best way of learning is by having a go yourself.

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