Sep 20, 2018

Discover our Carer of the month August 2018

You may be aware that we are building part of our care system to help celebrate the awesome work Carers using Log my Care are doing.

The first phase of this work is now ready for launch. This means that over the coming months we are going to be handing out our "Carer of the month" awards to some of the outstanding individuals we have as part of the Log my Care community.

Carer of the month August 2018 - Debbie Jawo

We are super proud to introduce to you our very first Carer of the month, Debbie Jawo of Mont Calm! Debbie is an absolute hero - recording almost 4000 care notes during August alone. Crowning her the champion of champions and seeing her take the title of Carer of the month for August!

We travelled over to Mont Calm to present her with her trophy and certificate that you can see in the above photo and will be surprising carers from our care system's community each month and celebrating their hard work.

How does our carer of the month scheme work?

Each month we select the best and the brightest (as well as those carers who get nominated by their team) for the award. We bundle up a certificate, trophy and a box of goodies and head out to a care home to provide some much-needed celebrations for all of the hard work that our winner has put in over the previous month.

How can you get involved in the Carer of the month?

The monthly award is open to all care professionals who are part of the Log my Care community all you need to do is keep logging the care you provide as usual and/or get nominated by someone in your team to be put in for consideration. To nominate someone just drop the support team a message via our live chat from your Carer App and we'll put them into the final draw. At the end of the month, we collect everyone up and select the winner. Simple!

If you're part of a care provider not using Log my Care, then fear not. The core system is totally free to use! So go and get yourself an account, you'll be up and running in no time at all!

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