Feb 11, 2020

Who won the Carer of the Month award in December 2019?!

November's winner Maxine was nominated by her colleagues for quite a special reason. Even though she's self-admittedly a bit nervous around technology and doesn't have a mobile phone, she's actually taken up the baton of using Log my Care in her day to day work really well. She has also been a shining example to the rest of her team and has been logging like mad since she got her hands on the Carer App.

It’s now time to crown a new champion. So here we go!

The Carer of the month for December 2019 is Janine Ashton from Livability North!

Janine has always been putting more hours in than anybody else. She is dedicated, hard-working, and her team can count on her no matter what…! She has become over time an inspiration for every single member of the team at Livability North. And that’s why we’ve chosen Janine. We love how inspirational carers can be to others, and we wanted to make sure she was rewarded. Hope you enjoyed the chocolate trophy, Janine!

Please accept our congratulations on being the Carer of the month and we hope you enjoyed the chocolate trophy!

How can you get involved with our Carer of the month awards?

Every month, our team select the Carer of the month from the superstar Carers, Managers and Care Professionals that are voted for by our community.

We send across some yummy treats to say thank you for being awesome, whilst sharing the news with everyone else who uses Log my Care.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is simple, just be part of the community and do what you do best… care! The process is simple. If you’re not already signed up to use Log my Care in your care service, then visit our Get Started page and get signed up. It’s free and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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