Oct 9, 2020

Carer of the Month September 2020

September's Carer of the Month award is going to a carer who has been using her skills outside of caring to make her care home a lovely place to be.

And we’re back! We hope everyone has been safe and sound since our last Carer of the Month came out a couple of weeks ago. Judging from the submissions we got again this month, you’ve all been hard at work as per usual!

Last month we gave the award to Jo Bendell, a night shift trooper whose dedication to her care didn’t go unnoticed by her colleagues who were singing her praises.

This month, we are back with another well-deserved winner who goes above and beyond for their residents. So without further ado, let’s have a round of applause for…

Kelly Johnston from Bennochy Lodge Care Home

Kelly was nominated by her colleague Maria Tomy, who spoke of Kelly’s hard work and diligence.  What shone through in Maria’s nomination of Kelly was just how hard Kelly works to ensure that her residents are always happy and comfortable in their environment, delivering the highest quality of care and always putting her residents first.

A whizz with the clippers

Now this is really cool. Kelly has a background in hairdressing and has been using her skills with the clippers to give residents at Bennochy Lodge Care Home snazzy haircuts during lockdown! We all know how unruly our hair can get when we don’t have a professional to look after our locks during lockdown. Luckily for the residents at Bennochy, they have Kelly!

Just one example of how Kelly is going above and beyond to make her residents happy and comfortable.

Here’s to you Kelly

Congratulations Kelly. We hope you enjoy the treats that are on their way over to you.

How can you get involved with our Carer of the month awards?

Every month, our team select the Carer of the month from the superstar Carers, Managers and Care Professionals that are voted for by our community. We send across some yummy treats to say thank you for being awesome, whilst sharing the news with everyone else who uses Log my Care.

If you’re keen to win Carer of the Month all you have to do is be part of the community and do what you do best…care! The process is simple. If you’re not already signed up to use Log my Care in your care service, then visit our Get Started page and get signed up. It’s free and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

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