May 10, 2022

Pay for what you use – client-based pricing explained

We changed our pricing model. Find out how the new model works and why we decided that calculating the bill based on active service users was the right move.

Today, we launched a completely new pricing model for all of our plans. We did it for one reason: to offer you pricing that better reflects the realities of running a care service. Our new model provides more flexibility and makes pricing fairer to everyone.  

Instead of a flat fee for each of our plans, we will now be charging based on your number of active service users per site.  

Why active service users?

Basing our pricing on the number of active service users instead of a flat fee (or your potential capacity for service users), simply makes the pricing much fairer. You are essentially paying for what you are using. The more clients you have, the more you will use Log my Care to manage the care you provide. Moreover, it lets you downscale and upscale your costs based on your business needs – giving you the flexibility you deserve.

What counts as an active service user?

We don’t want to charge you for service users that aren’t actively receiving any care. That wouldn’t be very fair. We, therefore, don’t include hospitalised, deceased, discharged or inactive clients in your active service user count. Nor do we consider service users that are in initial assessment as active.

Now, some of our customers have been using the profiles of made-up clients to test out functionalities and set-up. To ensure that you can continue doing this without being charged for those service user profiles, we have created two dummy profiles for you to use for any testing you want to do.

What does that mean for me?  

Ultimately, when your number of active clients changes, our pricing will change accordingly. Let me give you an example:

Let’s assume you have 20 active service users on March 31. We’ll use that number to calculate your price for April. In April you then add new clients to the system and others become non-active. By April 30, your number of active service users has increased to 23. Your bill for May will then be based on that number. Another month passes and by May 31 you have 19 active service users in the system. Your bill for June will consequently be calculated based on those 19 clients. No extra charges or refunds will be applied to changes in service user numbers during the month.

If you’re looking for more predictability, you can alternatively choose our new annual subscription for any of our plans or add-ons.  

And don’t worry! We won’t let you run into linearly higher costs. If you increase your number of active service users considerably, your overall cost will increase, but we will be charging less per user. Have a play with our pricing calculator on the pricing page to test out how prices increase with higher client numbers.

How do I know what my next bill will be?

Head over to our new and improved billing dashboard. There you can find your previous bills as well as what your next bill would be, if you don’t add or remove any active service users.

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