May 11, 2020

Free Coronavirus monitoring tools for care services

Coronavirus has left the social care sector struggling to cope with too many service-users and residents at risk, staff members in need of isolation, and lack of protocol. Our entire team started building extremely accurate monitoring tools for care homes as soon as the pandemic hit the UK.

We wanted to do everything we could to help mitigate the impact and slow the spread of the virus however we can.

Our new symptom tracking tools help care services to detect early symptoms of COVID-19. This means that Managers feel confident in bringing in the correct measures to protect services users’, as well as staff and informing family and friends.

Handy monitoring tools giving you greater oversight of those in your care.

A Respiratory Rate chart

This feature will make it easy to track any shortness of breath amongst service users. The chat is designed to be quickly read and is found on the Care Office. It’s fed directly by data entered regularly by Carers providing personal care and who are using the Carer app.

The temperature recording tool

Our temperature recording feature allows carers to log in daily temperatures for all service users. Managers again can see this data all within their Care Office and use the information to help better inform their COVID-19 care strategies.

The COVID-19 symptoms recording tool

Carers are able to record easily any type of Coronavirus symptoms from their apps, which will automatically appear in the Managers’ Care Office under the relevant service user’s data.

How to get the special COVID-19 resources

It’s not just helpful tools we’ve been building into our care management system, but we also wanted to support care professionals by providing easy access to expert guidance during the crisis. With limited time to find appropriate templates or information, we’ve collated a series of resources aimed at supporting the needs of the care services regardless of the type of care they provide. These include a range of different free assets from:

A customisable Coronavirus contingency plan

Designed to be a living document, care managers will be able to update this social contingency plan continuously as the UK care sector gets more clarifications throughout the crisis.

Printable Coronavirus infographic

This infographic outlining the guidelines was set in place by Public Health England to combat the spreading of the virus in care facilities. Download it, print it, display it in your care service.

Key Worker – identification template letter

Download and fill in an identification template letter for key workers.

Return to work interview form

Download and print the return to work interview form made for Managers in care service who need a special coronavirus document that will help them track staff return to work and absences related to the pandemic.

NHS Care Homes Admissions Guidance

As care services are asked to admit people back into their services, many have been struggling to see how they would handle such a situation. We made this admissions guidance with our care experts that will help guide providers on everything from PPE, to isolation and even meals for the infected service user and staff training.

These new features and handy documents are entirely FREE!

The team here at Log my Care have decided to focus our efforts on building these features as soon as coronavirus started striking the UK. The goal here is to help as many care services as possible to combat the spread and stay safe, which means these special Coronavirus resources are entirely free and the new features are launched within our free care software. To access them all head over to our free Coronavirus monitoring tool page and just pop your details into the form, we’ll deliver them all to you via email.

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