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Apr 30, 2024

Log my Care achieve compliance with 12 Digitising Social Care Standards

Log my Care is now compliant with 12 of the Standards set out by the Digitising Social Care Programme, retaining our place as a DSCR Assured Supplier.


The move to digital record-keeping has the potential to truly empower care workers. It gives carers access to up-to-date care plans, assessments and service user information.

The end result? Care workers are better placed to deliver more responsive, safe and efficient care.  

The benefits don’t stop there. Digital records also facilitate better information sharing between providers, reduce admin time, and give managers more oversight of care delivery.

As the care sector transitions from paper to digital, providers will seek out vetted and assured suppliers that can offer secure and interoperable systems.  

This week, Log my Care celebrated a major milestone as an assured supplier of digital social care solutions.  

This compliance milestone means we’re better placed to help care providers deliver the truly personalised care that every service user needs and deserves.  

Specifically, Log my Care is now compliant with 12 of the Standards set out by the Digitising Social Care Programme to achieve Catalogue Compliance and retain our place as an Assured Supplier for DSCR.  

Over the last 12 months, we have worked tirelessly to improve our solution, ensuring that we give our customers the best experience for digital social care record solutions.

The 12 standards include:  

1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring that our services can be maintained and recovered in the event of disruptions to normal business

2. Commercial

Guaranteeing our adherence to the mandated commercial standards of behaviour and principles of access to data and service charges.  

3. Data Migration  

Supporting the safe and effective migration of data whilst making sure that any care obligations and responsibilities can continue to be met effectively.  

4. Data Standards

We adhere to data and information standards such as clinical terminology, drug database data sets, and organisational codes to ensure consistency of information.  

5. About Me  

PRSB's standard mandates the most essential details that a person wants to share with health and social care professionals.  

This information might include how best to communicate with the person, how to help them feel at ease, or how they like to take their medication.  

6. Personalised Care and Support Plan

Log my Care has PRSB's seal of approval, demonstrating that we help people manage their care with the support of a wide range of services, including GPs, hospitals, occupational therapy, and social care.  

7. Hosting and Infrastructure

Evidencing commitment to best practices for infrastructure and hosting of systems by ensuring that Log my Care’s systems are cost-effective, secure and energy efficient.  

8. Information Governance

Our systems are designed to guarantee that sensitive Personal Data is kept confidential, accurate, and only available to authorised users when required.  

9. Interoperability

Our systems support information sharing through alignment with Open Standards and Open APIs.  

Our interoperability credentials mean we are ready to connect customers to emerging NHS systems like GP Connect and be at the forefront of joined-up, person-centred care.

10. Non-Functional Questions

This Standard guarantees that our product meets usability, compliance, and security requirements, among many others.  

11. Testing

Ensuring our software delivery test processes are of sufficient quality and rigour.  

12. Email

Supports the secure email transmission of sensitive and confidential information.

PRSB About Me, Personalised Care and Support Plans

We’re now also compliant with the About Me Standard and the Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard, both of which are set by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB). These are the standards that empower care providers to deliver more personalised care tailored to individual needs.  

These standards better empower service users to maintain any relevant health information about themselves including:  

  • Relevant health conditions,  
  • Treatment preferences [e.g. how do they like to take their medication?]  
  • Lifestyle  
  • Goals and priorities.  

These standards also enhance coordination, reduce repetitive questioning, and ensure everyone involved has access to the correct information:

  • Care workers can provide personalised care that perfectly aligns with the needs and desires of every individual.  
  • Families and carers can stay in the loop and give their meaningful input to the care plan.  
  • Care managers have access to comprehensive and up-to-date care plans to enable full oversight and coordination.  

NHS Funding Available for Digital Transition

With the announcement that national funding will be once again made available to care providers to make the switch from paper to digital in FY 2024/2025, now is the time to choose Log my Care as your helping hand for your digital transition.

For care services moving from paper to digital, 50% of your first-year subscription will be funded. Log my Care is an approved and vetted supplier that meets the requirements and capabilities identified as priorities by the NHS.  

By choosing Log my Care and taking advantage of the 50% discounted first-year subscription, care providers can seamlessly transition to an industry-leading digital record platform.

Coming soon: GP Connect

Log my Care will soon allow providers to access GP records directly for the people they support. This integration with GP Connect will enable vital information sharing between health and social care systems.  

Having GP records in Log my Care will lead to better-coordinated care, ensuring health conditions and medications are consistently tracked between care providers and GPs. Accessing up-to-date GP information will give care providers more extraordinary insight into the full context of a person's health and care needs.  

With consent, care managers can view GP information such as prescribed medications, allergies, diagnostic test results, immunisations, health issues, and contact details for the GP practice. This will help provide holistic, person-centred care tailored to everyone's circumstances.  

GP Connect integration is another way in which Log my Care is improving digital social care through i information sharing. We look forward to offering this exciting new capability in the coming weeks.


These latest milestones in Log my Care’s journey ensure that we’re at the forefront of the digital revolution in social care. Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re empowering providers across the UK to deliver personalised care that puts the needs of service users first.  

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