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Dec 21, 2023

How Moorville Residential used Log my Care to evidence service user progress

Learning disability provider, Moorville Residential, shares why Log my Care was the best choice for their less tech-savvy staff, and how they were able to better evidence progress for their service users.

Moorville Residential is a learning disability care provider in Sheffield that provides care and support to 44 service users, with 174 carers to help meet their needs across 7 sites.  

Its director at the time was looking at different platforms because the team at Moorville Residential – including Rob Sawyer, Registered Area Manager, and June Struggles, Registered Manager – were looking to move away from paper. They wanted a system that would improve how they evidenced their care delivery while meeting the needs of both their service users and staff, and Log my Care’s offering fit the bill.        


It took the team about 1 month to fully adopt Log my Care. After implementing the system, Moorville experienced:

  • More effective tracking of service user goal achievements through Outcomes and Goals.
  • Improved information sharing and progress reports.
  • Better digital accessibility to less tech-savvy staff.
  • Quality evidence of care delivery for inspections.
  • Cut costs on paperwork.  

Challenge: Increasing accessibility for elder staff, reducing time-consuming tasks, and improving task visibility

Since signing on with Log my Care in April 2022, Rob and June wanted to tackle a few main challenges:

  • Implement an accessible, easy to use system for less tech-savvy carers.
  • Saving time spent on administrative tasks, so that staff didn’t have to try to remember everything they have done.
  • Improve sharing of information within the service, so that staff can easily add more details and understand all notes.

For these reasons, Moorville Residential especially wanted a digital care management system that allowed carers to record care instantly, without having to go into an office or record on paper.

June agreed that they needed a platform that could solve these problems while being adaptable to meet their various needs through customisations.

Solution: Log my Care for instant recording, less manual tasks, and increased oversight

For the team to experience better service efficiency, having a simple system with features fit for their service users, while reducing their care team’s workloads, was crucial. Log my Care’s straightforward and easy-to-use layout contributed to helping them solve this problem.

June added: “From a manager’s point of view, being able to look back and see what’s been recorded on a daily basis is great.” June was also able to conduct one-to-one reviews with clients, confirming what has been recorded as well as spending more quality time with clients.

From recording logs to accessing the data, the Moorville team have been able to review records instantly. This easy access was key because it provided information straight away. With one click of a button, they could look at all the reports, including body maps, fluids, charts, incidents, and more.

The team were impressed that Log my Care released new features consistently, like the Noticeboard for more effective team communication.  

Fluid intake was another appreciated feature for the team. With Log my Care, they could better track fluid intake, see what the threshold is for individual service users, and adjust accordingly if they needed to add additional support measures.

Benefits: Reduced paperwork, more quality time with service users, and improved accountability

Implementing Log my Care for staff that weren’t tech-savvy went very well for the team. It took Moorville about 4-6 weeks until staff were fully confident using Log my Care.  

Rob observed new managers coming into the service being able to master the system within a month, quickly understanding where to log information and access different reports. New staff were also blown away by the Log my Care system compared to the more tedious processes they followed previously.

Transitioning from paper to digital not only enabled them to achieve their goal of reducing time spent doing paperwork, but also saved care staff from having to be in the office all the time. They were now able to access information through a laptop or a tablet.  

Moorville experienced no complaints from staff about the system, claiming It was a smooth transition. Navigating Log my Care was as easy as sitting behind the screen and clicking your way through.

However, improved accountability was a welcomed additional benefit.  

“We’ve seen better accountability as staff can read information quickly and clearly. As a manager, we can view who is reading updates and take accountability accordingly.”

- Rob Sawyer, Registered Area Manager at Moorville Residential  

Part of Rob and June’s jobs is to chase people for information and make sure things are up to date. Since staff were able to better comprehend digital logs compared to handwritten notes, Log my Care makes their jobs as managers easier by being able to confidently follow up with both people and information.

Results: Quality evidence for inspections, decreased costs, and better accessibility

  • More effective tracking of service user goal achievements.
  • Improved information sharing and progress reports.
  • Better digital accessibility to less tech-savvy staff.
  • Quality evidence of care delivery for inspections.
  • Cut costs on paperwork.

Log my Care also allowed the team to evidence better care, as well as visualise the evidence to inspectors. This saved them time from scrolling through multiple notes and logs whenever they had to provide it.  

Additionally, the team were able to swiftly provide photo evidence – something they couldn’t do with paper.  

Rob confirmed that the local authority, when they have inspections through them, will use Moorville’s Log my Care when they need access to data from their care plans, support plans, eMAR and incidents, to help them complete the compliance checks.

Reduced costs in stationary was a given result that Moorville expected, but Log my Care’s Outcomes and Goals feature provided the team with even bigger impact for their service users.

They used Outcomes and Goals to ensure information is recorded effectively for them to monitor and track the achievements of personal service user goals.  

“Some long-term goals our service users have achieved are holidays abroad, a holiday in the UK, and trips to the museum. One service user is going around Europe at the minute! Some short-term goals are brushing teeth twice a day, and it’s all on Log my Care, and easy to generate reports.”

- Rob Sawyer, Registered Area Manager at Moorville Residential

Log my Care enabled the team to easily view and evidence the progression of these goals when needed. Now every two months, Moorville’s managers can sit with key workers, go through goals, see what has been achieved, and then set new ones.

Rob rounds off by saying that the CQC had no concerns or struggles to access information, happy with the layout and amounts of data available. Log my Care’s charts, body maps, and fluid intakes features have been amazing for them to evidence outcomes and visualise progress.

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