May 20, 2019

Introducing One Stop Social Care Professional Community

One Stop Social is a Social Work and Care Professionals Hub, providing a central access point for news, jobs, resources & training.

This edition of the Log my Care blog has been provided by One Stop Social. An awesome community and resource for Care professionals we're delighted to share with you all.

How do you uphold the values of a community in modern social work and care? One Stop Social's mantra since launch in 2016 has been to look at the problem of the vast array of information that floods our phones, tablets and computers every day. How do you know where to turn when there are so many choices? To solve this problem, social worker Matt Hughes set up One Stop Social, an idea which quickly gained popularity within the field of social work and became a collaboration of social workers and care professionals.

One Stop Social is a Social Work and Care Professionals Hub, providing a central access point for news, jobs, resources & training. The flagship presence is a website - which is augmented by its vast social networking platforms. The expanding One Stop Social team coordinate regular training workshops across the country (for a number of Local Authorities and Private sector clients) to provide front-line practitioners with high-quality CPD in a variety of areas, including 'Gangs, County Lines and Child Exploitation', 'Dementia Awareness', 'Best Interest Refresher Training' and 'Care Act Case Law Update' to name a few.

Recognising the employee retention issues facing managers and care homes across the country nowadays, One Stop Social introduced OSS Membership in October 2018. As well as offering between 10 - 30% discounts on a range of books and resources, bespoke insurance packages for a fraction of their standard cost and access to free e-books and journals; OSS Membership includes a rewards platform with thousands of promotional codes, special offers and discounts on retail, travel, fashion, holidays, utilities and more. It's a way to provide a wider level of support and care to professionals in our sector, enhancing the recruitment process in order to discourage the current high staff turnover rates.

Perhaps more importantly though, One Stop Social Members are given a voice - the chance to champion causes that are important to them, raise any concerns they might have and use One Stop Social as a vessel to represent the honest look of front-line practice across the UK. Professionals share tips, advice and queries with others working to support the vulnerable members of our society; gaining realistic and constructive feedback. One Stop Social showcase the collaborative nature of social work and care; giving their members a real sense of belonging and community in a sector that is finding it's footing in the modern world.

Find out more about OSS Membership here.

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