Feb 11, 2021

Announcing January's Carer of the Month

Our January Carer of the Month is Clint from Hamelin! Well done to Clint, and well done to all the Carers and Care Managers who were nominated this month. You're all superstars!

Our first Carer of the Month awards for 2021 is here!

Last month we celebrated Anna-Maria Sztojkov for her can-do attitude and positivity.

We’ve had loads of nominations for this month’s award, and we really struggled to choose a winner! But one person stood out from the rest…

Congratulations to Clint Hollinson from Hamelin! 👏

Clint was nominated by his colleague, Joanna, for always going above and beyond in his work. He is the manager at Hamelin in Devon, a care service for people with mental health conditions.

"Clint is amazing at his job and bringing the best out of staff and residents with compassion and intelligence. I have never had such a good boss in my life. He has so many qualities that he brings to the job, practical skills, relational skills, humour and then he breaks out into a song playing the guitar and singing people’s favourite songs to raise spirits," said Joanna.

The pandemic has been difficult for Hamelin but Clint kept up an incredible work ethic and level of compassion throughout that kept his staff feeling inspired and his service users feeling positive.

"It is like he is the most amazing conductor of people…it’s a joy to watch and be a part of."

Well done, Clint! As recognition for his amazing work, we’ve sent over some sweet treats to Hamelin. Enjoy! 🍫

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