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Oct 1, 2019

Care Planning & Assessments Module launch

Today we've taken the next step. It's been a whirlwind in the office the past few months, but we're happy to announce that we've just launched our brand-new care planning and assessments module.

Today is a very special day. From the outset we’ve been committed to helping the UK care sector revolutionise the way that care is delivered. We want to support care providers to ditch their legacy paper care processes and adopt new technology that supports care delivery, care quality and frankly improves the care that gets provided day in and day out across the country by thousands of talented professionals.

Well today we’ve taken the next step. It’s been a whirlwind in the office the past few months, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched our brand-new care planning and assessments module. Let’s dive straight in to all of the incredible features that are set to make care planning easier than it’s ever been.

Full assessments resulting in person-centred care plans like never before

During our research, Managers highlighted that one of the major problems in care planning was actually pinning down what was required within them. We’ve worked tirelessly with some of the top experts in the country to develop a fully featured care planning assessment tool that allows you to produce person-centred care plans in an instant. It also covers all of the activities of daily living (ADLs) and takes in a fraction of the time it has previously.

The end of duplication

The next problem we were told that Care Managers were faced when care planning was the constant duplication of basic information like name, date of birth etc. So we went and removed it. Our smart care planning assessments pull in information about your residents and service-users, that you’ve already entered and help you to quick-step to a full care plan that covers everything that they need within that ADL.

All of the information right where you need it

Gone are the days where providers need to spend hours of time pouring over paper folders to find documentation, our care planning and assessments module groups everything up in the easiest possible fashion and even lets you attach specific assessments to certain parts of the care plan. Summarising each person’s care plan under the headings of the ADLs.

Sharing care plans with Carers is a doddle

But we’ve not just made this for Managers… Oh no no, we’ve also gone and built the beautiful care plans you’ve created to be visible in the Carers Apps too. Within a few taps Care teams can see the most recent care plans for the resident, all neatly laid out, helping them to provide better care.

Covers pre-assessments to full care plans

Our care planning and assessments module covers everything from start to finish. Beginning with an initial pre-assessment, before a person enters the service, then delving into full assessments once care planning begins in earnest. It’s been designed to help split the information that’s been gathered into the appropriate ADLs, allowing you to then adjust each care plan as you see fit.

Automatic reminders to review and version history

Knowing when to review care plans was another major concern for Managers. We’ve simplified the whole process, now in a glance you can see what has been created, a version history and when a person’s care plan is due for a review.

Comes packed with loads of risk assessments or build-your-own

So, what about risk assessments? Well we’ve got them too! Need to know how much risk is involved with moving and using a hoist? Or even how risky it is to allow Mrs Smith’s beloved Labrador Rio into the service. You can run an assessment and make sure you take appropriate action. Our Care planning module comes pre-loaded with over 40 different risk assessments covering a huge variety of different circumstances faced during our extensive testing.

Once you’ve completed a risk assessment you can attach it to multiple parts of the person’s care plan that it relates to. But that’s not all. We know that we’ve not covered absolutely everything you’re ever going to need to assess risk for. That’s why we’ve even included build-your-own risk assessments. So you can create specific versions to meet your needs. We’ll also be regularly updating our library with the most popular ones from the community to help evidence your care planning processes.

Hospital passports are here too

Gathering up the right information when one of your residents or service-users has to visit the hospital can be an absolute nightmare. We’ve listened to all of our community’s feedback on the subject and have developed a nifty new “Hospital Passport” you can generate to send along with the person in just one click.

Additional information for resident profiles

All of this new information needs an elegant solution as to where it lives. To make this achievable in the the simplest manner possible we’ve added in brand new sections covering all manner of health related information to resident profiles. To access these you’ll need an active care planning module subscription.

Don’t just take it from us, hear from Managers themselves…

Here’s what Care Managers from our community think themselves:

“Our care records have improved dramatically food and fluid records are now accurate as care staff can record all intake at the time. Paperwork storage has now minimised and can easily access records when needed manager audits can be carried out in a timely manner due to all information being present carers now have more hands-on time due to not having to spend long hours filling in paperwork.” Louise Stocker, Registered Manager at Mont Calm

“Care planning now takes a fraction of time, freeing us up to spend more time” Alexandra Anton, Care Manager at Carrick House Nursing Home.

We really have thought of everything ? (and if we’ve missed anything you can always shout and we’ll do our very best to add it in as soon as we can). We stay true to our pledge of being “Designed by Carers for Carers” for a reason.

How do you get your hands on our Care Plans & Assessments module?

To find out more about our care planning and assessments module, then head on over to our care plans & assessments module page and check out the whole host of intuitive features, designed to make care planning and assessing needs a doddle. All you need is an active free account. From inside the Care Office we’ve given everyone the ability to try it out totally free for 30 days. That way you can assess if it’s right for your care service. If you don’t like it, then your account will automatically get put back onto the standard free core system. No credit card details, no strings and no hassle.

What are you waiting for? Get care planning!

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