Sep 8, 2020

Launching the September Digital Challenge

Announcing the launch of our September 2020 Digital Challenge, that gives care providers 4 weeks of tailored support to transform their care service and earn £150 of Android smartphones free.

It’s been a tough year for care services across the UK, with costs of care provision and the complexities of operating rising sharply due to COVID-19 The burdens placed on care providers are mounting and we’re committed to helping. As you might’ve seen over the past few months we’ve been channelling our energies into launching free help resources to mitigate COVID impact wherever possible.

The time is now right to help give the sector a much-needed boost to ease the strain of operating under such conditions. The answer? Go digital! It has been repeatedly proven, to offer increased efficiencies and reduced administration time. But not enough care services have gone digital largely because of a resource constraint.

We’re fed up with this and have decided to help with the launch of our September 2020 Digital Challenge!

What is the Digital Challenge all about?

During the next 4 weeks (from September 8th till October 7th 2020) we’re offering all registered care services the opportunity to challenge yourselves to go digital… the reward £150 of Android smartphones free and a reduced admin burden throughout your service. All you need to do is move your care services daily care notes across from paper to our digital care system.

But that’s not all. We know we’ve been banging the drum for years now about going digital and how easy it is (we’ve even had services go digital in a week) however most Managers and care services struggle to pick their way through all whilst juggling their day-to-day responsibilities. That’s why we’re backing up the challenge with best-in-class support from our wonderful training team.

Free coaching and support throughout the 4-week challenge

No challenge is going to be hassle-free, but we’ve identified all of the areas that Care Managers need to cover in order to help their service go digital as seamlessly as possible. We’re also providing a free coached service throughout the period, with weekly checklists, free 1-2-1 training and open forums with other challenge participants.

Giving care services £150 worth of Android smartphones for going digital

Helping care services break down the barriers to digital adoption has always been a key concern for us, that’s why we’ve chosen to reward services with 2 free Android smartphones worth £150 when they take the plunge. This’ll provide enough handsets to get a small care service going and further reduce any implementation costs that may have been putting off care services up until now.

Kick start your Digital Challenge today

Challenge registration is only open for 4 weeks, once you’ve signed up you’ll have 4 weeks to start your race to digital and earn your reward. Full information about the *Note: The Digital Challenge is now over.

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