Regulatory compliance
Jun 21, 2021

Download our Action Plan for Mandatory Vaccinations

Recent government advice suggests COVID-19 vaccinations will become mandatory for certain members of the Care sector. Prepare your staff and service for potential mandatory vaccinations with our Action Plan.

Recent reports from the Government indicate that mandatory vaccinations may become a possibility for the sector. We’ve created an action plan to help you prepare your service and staff for the possibility of mandatory vaccinations.

What’s in the action plan for mandatory vaccinations?

Our care experts have put together an action plan about mandatory vaccines including:

  • A briefing on Government rules on mandatory vaccinations
  • A risk assessment for the risk of non-vaccinated staff
  • And a checklist for the road ahead with regards to mandatory vaccines.

We hope this action plan helps you prepare for the new Government guidelines.

Download a copy of the mandatory vaccination action plan (PDF).

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