Jun 16, 2021

Announcing May's Carer of the Month

Our May Carer of the Month is Myrtle from T2Z Care Services! Congratulations to Myrtle and all the other Carers who were nominated this month, we are inspired by your dedication and hard work.

It’s time to announce May’s Carer of the Month. A few weeks ago we recognised Caroline Hodgson for organising loads of creative activities for her residents.

May’s winner was nominated for her tireless dedication to her service users. Let’s find out who our lucky winner is…

Congratulations to Myrtle Williams from T2Z Care Services! 👏

Myrtle was nominated by her colleague, Troy, for her dedication and hard work over the years. “Myrtle always goes above and beyond and puts her clients first. She will never call in sick and even attempted to go in after her Covid vaccines! This was the only time she had to go home but at least she attempted,” said Troy.

“Myrtle never gives up and is always willing to help out. Also, she’s 64 years of age (and still soldiering on). Her quality of care is next to none and her commitment to the clients are inspirational. She really does deserve this award and she should be recognised for her work. She has been with us from the beginning (our first carer employed with T2Z) and she has been loyal without a doubt.”

That is true dedication indeed! We wanted to recognise Myrtle for her hard work and thank her for her passion for care by sending her some goodies. 🍰

Congratulations and well deserved, Myrtle!

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