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Dec 22, 2020

Monitoring Care With Mobile Care Software

Mobile care software is an awesome way to monitor your service users' wellbeing and health. Carers use the software to log their care on-the-go, which gets fed into a central system managers use to keep a close eye on their users' health and wellbeing.

Mobile care software is revolutionising the social care sector and how care is delivered. The days of carers having to manually log all their care and interactions with service users are slowly fading away and are being replaced with fully integrated technology that lets managers view all their service user data from a centralised system. Mobile care software is at the heart of this change and is the workhorse behind care management systems like ours.

What is mobile care software?

Mobile care software usually comes in the form of an app that carers can install on their own mobile devices and carry around with them as they deliver carer in their care service. Our very own mobile care software comes in the form of the Carer App.

The Carer App is a simple, easy to use app that carers can use to log care throughout their workday. Carers simply install the app on their phones, which is then automatically linked to their care service’s data, giving them automatic access to resident information. Carers can then simply deliver their care as usual, but instead of logging the care manually with pen and paper, they tap a few buttons on their app, and the information is fed into a centralised system of data. Voila!

How does mobile care software help with monitoring service users?

By feeding carer logs into a centralised system of data, care service managers get a complete picture of care that is being administered within their care service. This helps managers and carers to more easily monitor service users’ health and wellbeing. Here are some other ways that mobile care software helps with monitoring:

Standardised format

Everything carers put into the Carer App gets fed into the manager’s Care Office in a standardised, digital format. This means that managers don’t need to spend time trying to read messy handwriting and confusing notes. The care delivered to service users is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format, which not only saves headaches but also gives a more accurate representation of service user health and well-being.

Single access point

It sounds obvious, but having a single access point for data is really important. For care Managers, having data scattered about an office in filing cabinets that take time to rummage through can be a real headache, and having all the information from the Carer App digitised into the Carer Office is a breath of fresh air. Data can be called upon when required using a simple, intuitive interface.

Information fed between the Carer App and the Care Office is simple and direct. For instance, Care Managers can enter simple information about dietary requirements, and other important notes. Carers can then access this information when required. This means that the right care to be organised for each resident. Because mobile care software is able to be carried around in the pockets of staff, they can tick off tasks, monitor residents and record notes in real-time.

Handy charts for easy monitoring 📈

Fancy monitoring your service users’ progress and health over time? Care logs from our mobile care software are automatically populated into handy charts viewable in the Care Office and Carer App. For instance, each time a carer documents a service user’s weight, fluid or temperature, that data is sent right to the user’s charts section of their profile.

This information is then viewable over weekly, monthly and yearly time periods, giving care managers a simple, yet in-depth overview of how a service user has been tracking.

Instant notifications 🔔

Not all care services are small mom and pop affairs. Many are large scale residential services and care homes. If an emergency occurs in these settings, it could take some time to reach the manager on duty. That’s where instant digital notifications come in handy. Carers can instantly log serious incidents from their mobile care software, which are delivered instantly to managers, who receive notifications right to their desktop and mobile device.

How can Log my Care help me monitor my service users?

Our software is the only free mobile care monitoring solution in the UK! We’ve only discussed a few ways that our software can help you monitor your service user’s health and wellbeing in this blog, but there are loads more features, including care plans, COVID-19 monitoring tools, handovers and group care management, to name just a few!

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