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Apr 24, 2018

What you need to know to avoid cr*p care plan software

Let's face it, there is loads of different care plan software on the market right now and most of it costs a fair old whack. So what do you need to know in order to avoid the cr*p and get the right software, which actually does what you need it to?

Let's face it there's loads of different care plan software on the market right now and most of it costs a fair old whack. So what do you need to know in order to avoid the rubbish and pick the software which actually does what you need it to? We've compiled a helpful guide to make sure you avoid the junk and end up with care plan software that really helps support your care provision.

1. Avoid companies that aren't clear about their costs

The little game that plenty of companies out there like to play is to hide their costs behind loads of jargon like per bed per day, per resident etc. All this means is that they are likely feeding you a fudge factor cost to try and waggle the most amount out of you that they can. Any time you start hearing these terms get bandied about, then you know you're into a cr*p one. At Log my Care we're actually free - although we get asked "are you really free a lot!"

2. If there's some sort of weird secrecy around showing you what they actually do

When you go on their website and you want to see the system, but you end up having to jump through a million one different hoops, including giving them way more information than they need before they let you see the system, and even then it's a controlled demonstration which they don't allow you to do yourself, you're in the midst of another duff one. We're pretty proud to offer you direct access to Log my Care without any hoops to jump through - we only need enough information to verify you're a registered care provider.

3. They tell you that you need to buy a load of expensive hardware up front

The beauty of the best care plan software out there is that it will work on pretty much anything from a desktop computer to one of your carer's smartphones. There's no point in committing a small home to an expensive hardware purchase as you'll absorb all of the savings for the first few months of going paperless in one fell swoop.

4. The care plan software forces the recording of care in a manner that isn't person-centred.

Plenty of the care plan software out there will expect you to follow their pre-sets when using their care system. These are often business or task focussed rather than person-centred, which is great if you work in a market where that's acceptable - but NOT in the UK. Make sure you swerve any care systems that aren't person-centred.

5. Trust your gut when it comes to care plan software

If you ask the company a question and they respond in a way, which sets alarm bells ringing, like how do you make sure my information is secure? And they can't answer in a simple and comprehensive way - then avoid them. There's a load of small print in plenty of these care system companies websites, which allow them to act in a way, which won't align with the way you like doing business.

We're committed to making sure our care plan software is the easiest and cheapest out there, our promise to you is a pretty solid way of demonstrating our commitment to the UK care sector and we're proud to have it guide our future developments. If you've got any questions just get in touch or talk to us live by clicking the little chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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