Product updates
Mar 29, 2022

Our new pricing model: pay for what you use

We're updating our pricing to make this simpler and easier. Discover the motivation behind the change and how things are going to be different from April 2022.

From 26 April 2022, we’ll switch from a flat-rate pricing model to a client-based pricing model. Instead of being charged a flat fee for each module, care providers will be billed based on the number of active service users they have on our platform.

Why are we changing?

We realised that our existing pricing model doesn’t adequately reflect the realities of running a care service.

Offer much-needed flexibility

We understand that operating a care service can be unpredictable at times. Service users unexpectedly leave your care, while new clients join. Our new pricing will give you the opportunity to downscale or upscale your costs in line with your business needs.

Make pricing fairer to everyone

The old model meant that everyone – independent of their size – paid the same price. This puts a larger strain on smaller care providers, who have to pay a much larger share of their revenue than bigger care services, despite using less of the same product. The new pricing model fixes this issue.

Increase value with new pricing plans

The new pricing plans will better reflect how our customers have been using our modules. Our data shows that the vast majority of our customers use both the Care Plans & Risk Assessments and Pro modules in tandem. As the feature set in these modules complement each other very well, we decided to merge the two and offer them in one joint plan instead. This new set-up will also allow us to deliver more focused value through exciting new features, such as consent management or care quality indicator reports.

In short, we mean to empower care providers to only pay for what they actually use.

So, what is changing?

Here are the highlights of the changes:

More variable pricing based on active service users

Instead of paying a flat fee per module, prices will be based on your number of active service users per site. We don’t believe that billing you based on your potential capacity is the way to go, so we’ll only charge for active clients.

We also won’t include the following types of service users to your bill:

  • Hospitalised
  • Deceased
  • Discharged
  • Inactive
  • In initial assessment.

This means that if the number of clients making use of your services changes, the price of Log my Care for the next month will change accordingly.

New pricing plans with tiers and add-ons

Going forward, you’ll be able to choose between three product plans:

  • The free Starter Plan, which used to be our Core module,
  • the Pro Plan, which will combine our Care Plan & Risk Assessments and Pro modules, and
  • the Outstanding Plan, which will combine the greatness of our new Pro Plan with all the features you love from our Outstanding module.

To complement your plan, you can choose to include one or both of our eMAR or Family Portal* add-ons.
*Note: After the pricing change, it will no longer be possible for family members to pay for their own accounts.

New annual plans

Next to our monthly pay-as-you-go subscriptions, we’ll also start offering the option of selecting annual plans at a discounted rate of 12 months for the price of 10. With these annual subscriptions, payment – based on a minimum number of service users you commit to – will be due upfront for the entire year. More details on this new subscription option to follow shortly.

We’re excited about our new, more flexible pricing model and hope it will better reflect your actual business needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you.

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