Meet Jat, Log my Care's new Back End Developer

Jatinder Bains is our newest Back End Developer, joining our superstar squad of Devs to help make our app even better than it already is!

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Log my Care
Log my Care
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Our team just got a bit bigger! Say hello to Jat, the newest member of the Log my Care team.

A bit about Jat…

Jat studied law at the University of Birmingham and went on to work for 5 years in banking where he realised how important technology was becoming throughout the entire economy.  He’d always had a keen interest in programming so Jat decided to quit his position in financial services and taught himself to code.

Working at Log my Care 💼

Jat is motivated to have a tangible positive impact on other people’s lives. His role at Log my Care means he is able to combine his passion for coding with the ability to improve the welfare of other people.

"The team here are very talented and driven in their mission and it’s great to be a part of that.”

Where you can find him 🔍

Jat will be working on our ‘backend’ systems. This includes our server architecture, database management and data logic.

He joins our growing team of Developers who look after all things tech and make sure our software is running smoothly.

We’re thrilled to have you, Jat! 😁

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