Announcing November's Carer of the Month

November's Carer of the Month competition was packed with loads of amazing nominations but Tony Watson's work ethic and positivity ultimately won out in the end and earned him the title of Carer of the Month!

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Announcing the Carer of the Month for November…

Wow, it's already December - which means it's time to announce November's Carer of the Month winner!

Last month's winner was Veena Munraj, who took on extra work in the kitchen and additional shifts to keep her care service running smoothly.

November was a tricky month with additional lockdowns and restrictions put in place across the country, but it didn't stop this Carer from delivering phenomenal care and spreading smiles throughout their care service.

Congratulations to Tony Watson from Chanel House! 🎉

Tony was nominated by his colleague for his dedication and hard work. "He works so hard to give his time no matter what to his service users and workmates," said his colleague.

"He is always very helpful and brightens everyone’s day!"

Tony is so dedicated to his role that he hardly takes holidays or time off – so we’ve sent him over some lovely goodies to make his day a bit sweeter and thank him for all of his hard work this month 🍰

Get involved with Carer of the Month

We have the most amazing community of Carers and Care Managers – it makes it so difficult to pick just one winner each month!

If you’ve got a superstar Carer who deserves a treat and a bit of recognition, all you have to do is look for our nomination message in the Log my Care app and submit the Carer’s name and why they deserve the award. We’ll select one winner every month to be featured and send them some yummy goodies as a prize for all their hard work.

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