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Feb 14, 2020

How will this nursing home planning software improve your quality of care

Quality of care in a nursing home is something that is often on the minds of providers. It's important that nurses have all the tools available to help them deliver the best quality care that they can. And that's where nursing home scheduling software like Log my Care comes in.

What is a nursing home planning software?

This is a type of software that runs on smart devices and desktops. It helps anyone in charge of a nursing home to easily organise and distribute tasks and rotas for staff. It’s set up by the care manager who adds all the resident’s care plans and notes, as well as all the staff at home. Tasks can then be easily distributed straight to nurses via their smartphone, so they can see their daily to-do lists and complete tasks through the touch of a button.

But it also does much more than that!

Nursing home scheduling software makes it easy for nurses to update care notes electronically and on the go. Length of time spent handwriting, filing, or updating paper care notes can be better spent delivering top-quality care.

Why is it disrupting the care sector?

The limited technological infrastructure of the care industry has often faced criticism for failing to keep up with other industries. The government has put in place plans to help improve the use of technology in both private and NHS care industries. One of the things that nursing homes are marked on by the Care Quality Commission, is the use of technology.

Nurse scheduling software allows new technology to fit into the lives and daily needs of nurses and residents. It is providing solutions to care planning and delivery by cutting costs, reducing time spent on administration, and proving a GDPR compliant yet easily usable system to help deliver top-quality care.

How can it help in your nursing home?

And the thing is, nurse scheduling software like Log my Care doesn’t need a lot of infrastructure or up-front costs. You just need some form of internet connection (mobile or Wi-Fi), and some smartphones, and you can be up and running in just a few moments. Managers can easily schedule nurse rotas, and once given their daily tasks and resident information via their smartphones, nurses can complete all their jobs for the day and tick them off as and when they complete them. This drastically reduces the time spent on administration for nurses and care managers.

Reduced administration time can improve the quality of care.

Nurses can manage their time effectively, and with less of it being spent on searching through and writing up paper care notes, they have more of it to spend one on one with patients (as much as two extra hours a day in homes using Log my Care). Log my Care also keeps care notes accurate and up to date, meaning that care between different shift workers can be consistent and fluid– which all leads to the best quality of care.

That’s exactly why it’s implementing real positive change in the care sector and improving care quality. And you can be a part of it too by clicking here.

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