Oct 5, 2022

Our founders take to the skies to raise money for The Care Workers’ Charity

Next month, our founders, Sam and Adam, will take to the skies to raise money for The Care Workers’ Charity.

On Saturday 19 November our founders, Sam and Adam, will be facing their fears and participating in a 160ft bungee jump to raise money for The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC).

The CWC is a national charity providing people working in social care in the UK with financial and mental health support. Although rewarding, social care comes with its own unique challenges and the CWC is a safety net for any care workers who are struggling and might not have the means to support themselves.

In line with our commitment to social care, we’ve named the CWC our charity of the year and the team already kicked off fundraising by going retro during ‘Wear and Care Week’ in April.

“Although a bungee jump is a daunting prospect, it’s nothing compared to challenges faced by our social care workforce on a daily basis. We’re honoured to raise money for the CWC and help advance the financial, professional and mental wellbeing of care workers. The CWC’s grants provide a lifeline to our frontline staff.” Sam Hussain | Founder & CEO

What your donation could do  

  • £5 - Helps a care worker in times of hardship
  • £10 - Gets specialist equipment for a retired care worker  
  • £25 - Funds essential white goods for someone who's had to flee domestic violence
  • £50 - Supports essential home repairs or maintenance
  • £100 - Helps with unexpected funeral costs for a loved one

Donate to Sam and Adam’s bungee jump and help us support current, former and retired care workers who are experiencing hardship.

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