Jan 14, 2021

Phones for Patients Initiative Gains Traction

We're proud to support the Phones for Patients initiative which donates phones to participating hospitals and care homes to increase connection between service users and their loved ones.

Phones for Patients works to connect loved ones in care

Connection is incredibly important these days, especially with visiting restrictions and lockdowns.

Phones for Patients is hoping to improve the connection between people in care and their families by providing service users with donated mobile phones.

What is Phones for Patients?

Phones for Patients is a charity operating in England and Wales. The initiative collects donated mobile devices, chargers, and cables to send to NHS hospitals and care homes so that patients and service users are able to call and message their loved ones whilst in care.

How can you get involved?

We first heard about Phones for Patients in November 2020. Our team was so excited and impressed by the initiative that we wanted to spread the word to our community.

You can donate your mobile phones to them or register to receive phones by heading to their website and clicking the appropriate button.

You can also see a list of which NHS hospitals and care homes are participating in the scheme, as well as which organisations have donated mobile phones. Over 8,500 devices have been donated so far!

Keep up the good work 👏

Well done to this amazing team! We look forward to supporting you and continuing to shout about this awesome cause.

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