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Aug 14, 2020

Podcast: How to Digitalise Your Care Home

Our CEO, Sam Hussain, recently went on the CHM Podcast to discuss how to digitise your care home. Read the main takeaways from the discussion here!

Sam Hussain
Sam Hussain
Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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I recently appeared on the Care Home Management podcast discussing how care providers can use digital care management tools like Log my Care to improve their care service delivery.

A lot was covered in the podcast (you’ll have to listen to it yourself), but we touched on some really important topics that we often pop up in conversations around digital care management.

So I thought it would be a good opportunity to flesh out some of these talking points to really nail down the answers! Before I get started you should listen to the full podcast here.

3min40sec: “It doesn’t have to break the bank, does it?”

Here, Steve, the host raises a common issue that prevents care services from going digital: cost.

It’s a totally valid concern. We know that the two things all care homes need more of is money and time. But here are some things to consider:

1. No more expensive trips to Staples

One of the most obvious savings digital care systems provide is on office supplies. With digital care systems, logging care, registering new residents and creating care plans, for instance, are all done digitally. No more putting pen to paper. It’s all done on your desktop computer or mobile device.

These savings really start to add up when you don’t have to make weekly trips down to Staples and orders from Amazon.

2. The cost of computers and tablets is continuing to fall

As I mention in the podcast, the cost of an Amazon fire tablet is now around £50. Gone are the days when slick devices cost hundreds of pounds. Technology is now more accessible than ever and arming care staff with devices capable of running care management software will no longer break the bank.

3. Online training is a cost saver

We often hear from care providers who are worried about the time and money they will have to spend training staff to use a new system. The beauty of digital systems is that training doesn’t have to be face-to-face, and a rich library of support guides and tutorials exist to get your staff up to speed. Also, a lot of basic training is offered for free through online demos and walkthroughs.

Tip: At Log my Care we offer free demonstrations and training sessions for you and your staff. We consider our system to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. So much so that most of our clients don’t actually need training! Check out some of our reviews to see what we mean!

4. Support is often free

If managers or staff have hit a snag using their care management software, it’s not a worry. Most digital care management providers offer support in some form or another, and it’s usually free of charge.

We want to keep support 100% free. That’s why any of our clients can head over to our support portal to read all the handy articles we have created to make your time using our software as simple as possible. You can also contact us at any time within the system by using the chat system at the bottom right. You can also see it down there here on the website!

12min00sec: “Is the software hassle-free?”

We segue nicely off the back of talking about the cost (or lack thereof) of digital care systems, to talking about another fear that care providers have: ease-of-use.

New technology can be intimidating, but as we explain in the podcast, good care home management software is intuitive and easy-to-use.

1. The easier to use, the better

If staff members perceive software to be too difficult to use, or their first encounter with the system leaves their heads spinning, then managers are going to have a hard time getting their staff completely on-board. That is where a simple-to-use, intuitive piece of software really helps to get staff members through the door.

Tip: free trials are a great way to get a feel for a new system. Simply sign-up, have a play around and see if it’s for you!

2. Get your staff on-board from day 1 by showing them the benefits

Once staff members can see how digital care software will help them, then the senior team and Managers don’t have to drag staff kicking and screaming to use the software.

Managers can communicate benefits for staff by demonstrating how manual processes such as recording personal care routines, food and drink and health vitals, are handled through the simple click of a button. Managers can also show staff how much time they can save in their day by not having to locate physical files and records, create manual handover notes and manually store residents’ documents.

This leaves more time for staff to sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat with their residents.

We estimate that care facilities can save between 30minutes to an hour per staff member, per shift. That is a time saving that really adds up.

3. Build staff confidence by running a software pilot

It can be daunting for staff members to learn a new system using real, live data. That’s why a pilot run is always a good idea.

A pilot run is essentially a small test run of the system. You can set up the system using dummy residents and staff (maybe use some of your favourite superheroes, or use your own pets!) to demonstrate how the system works. A pilot run takes the pressure off staff members. They don’t need to worry about making mistakes and they can really get to know a system without fear of breaking anything.

We have helped dozens of companies set up a pilot run of our application. We even made a video about it, where we run through the simple process step-by-step. Check it out here.

22min20sec: “If it’s not broken, why fix it?”

Change isn’t always easy, we know that paper records have been the mainstay in care facilities forever, so we understand that giving digital management a crack is a big leap.

Here in the podcast, we discuss some of the tangible benefits care facilities can expect from taking the plunge:

1. Innovation is a good thing

CQC has stated that innovation is a factor in assessing a care facility’s CQC rating. Demonstrating that your care business has taken strides to innovate, streamline and optimise means you are well placed to win the plaudits of inspectors.

Tip: Go check out our handy guide about preparing for the CQC PIR.

2. Put families at ease

Coronavirus has stalled care facility visitation. Family members are more anxious than ever to know how their loved ones in your care are going. Digital care software gives family members’ peace of mind that your care facility is making the right strides to deliver the best care possible.

3. Consider it an investment

The world is going digital. Even totally cashless societies are on the horizon. Investing in digital technology for your care facility means staying ahead of the curve and preparing your business for the inevitable rush of care facilities moving over to digital care management.

It also means investing in your staff and empowering them by allowing them to learn new technologies and letting them know you are investing in their future as carers. As I mention in the podcast, I believe allowing staff to more efficiently complete their jobs using modern technology leads to greater staff retention.

4. Your data is more secure

Data is reliable, unfortunately, humans aren’t always. Storing data on the internet, rather than physically in filing cabinets, for instance, means no risk of flood and fire damage and losing invaluable information. It also means less time spent looking for information and freeing up physical space in your care facility.

With Log my Care, all your data and information is protected behind best-in-class cloud-based data storage and is fully encrypted to standards held by the NHS. Learn more about our data policy here.

Wrapping up

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the podcast and learned a little more about digital care management technology. Not only does going digital free up time and money, it can also empower and uplift staff, give family members added ease-of-mind and help you with your CQC ratings. Most importantly, however, digital care management software helps you deliver more efficient, effective and prompt care for the most important people in your facility, your residents.

If you would like to get started with Log my Care, head over to our get started page. Perhaps you would like to know more about our product, or talk to one of our friendly staff? Then click on the chat icon down there on the bottom right of the screen, or head over to our contact page!

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