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Apr 5, 2023

Top tips for reducing your paperwork

Record keeping in health and social care is a must for social care teams.

Whether it’s daily case notes, or more formal reports or assessments, recording is required by law to provide documentation for the care you provide, to demonstrate a clear audit trail and evidence. 

And in the UK, 60% of care providers are still using pen and paper to write down what they’ve seen and done before they analyse their notes and plan their next steps.

Why is record keeping important in health and social care?

Keeping a good record is key to delivering great person-centred care, because:

  • It promotes continuity of care and communication with other agencies
  • It helps identify themes and challenges in a person’s life
  • It’s key to accountability
  • It’s evidence – for court, complaints and investigations
  • And it enhances your practice and the support you offer people.

But if you’re using pen and paper, it’s a huge challenge. Paper-based systems take up lots of space, cause complications between staff – especially with handovers – and are inefficient when it comes to gathering data and insights and conducting inspections.

If you’re looking to reduce your paperwork, but want to maintain the principles of good record keeping in social care, take a look at these top tips:

Switch to digital

Make the switch from paper to a digital platform – such as Log my Care. Our digital care management platform puts the individual at the centre of care. All their information is in one place. It’s up to date and easy to share. Notes can’t get lost and decision-making is faster, which saves valuable time and ultimately leads to better care. And of course it also gets rid of any paper storage problems you have.

Now’s an ideal time to go digital. Registered care providers are able to apply for grant funding from their local Integrated Care System (ICS) which pays for 50% of their annual license fee for a digital social care record. Here's how you access the grant here.

Log my Care is the only digital care management platform that offers a free plan. We're on a mission to make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care. That's why our starter plan is 100% free and always will be – no catch, no time limits or usage restraints. It includes everything you need to get your electronic care planning system up and running. Please get in touch.

Record on the go

Once you’ve gone digital, use a carer app, so that your team is able to record the care they deliver on the go. Apps offer real-time updates to residents’ care plans, personalise individual to-do lists, and allow your team access to information whenever and wherever they are. Our customers tell us our Log my Care carer app is a breeze to use, with key information about the support each client requires, together with MAR charts, risk assessments and important documents. Take a look

Ditch those paper storage rooms

Give your managers a dashboard portal so they’re able to give your teams tasks to complete in the carer app. Here you also store all your important documents and the policies your team needs to be aware of. Our ‘Care Office’ dashboard for managers gives a real-time overview of what’s happening in your service, wherever you are. Take a look.

Streamline medication admin

Link your dashboard to eMAR, an electronic medical records software. This is an alternative to paper-based Medication Administration Record (MAR) charts. This way, your team streamlines medication administration which, in turn, helps reduce the risks of medication errors and saves time.

Integrate your platform with a pharmacy supplier and you’ll be able to send information through to systems used by local pharmacists easily, and without delays.

Photograph your evidence

Take photos and videos in the carer app and attach them to your logs to further evidence your care. You can also use this to record social activities, food and fluid intake, monitor wounds and pressure sores.

Keep connected

Create a family portal to keep relatives and close friends updated about their loved one’s care, wellbeing and health - in real time! You’re even able to capture those unmissable moments with photos and videos and share these with family members. With Log my Care, you give individuals access to a personalised timeline, that automatically updates from your logs, to show what care has been delivered. Take a look.

If that’s got you thinking about a simple system to go paperless, take a look at Log my Care, which helps you reduce operating costs, empower staff and deliver outstanding services.

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