How you can provide better care with an eMAR system

Our platform gathers insights to help you allocate resources and speeds up your day-to-day tasks, so you can focus more on those in need.

Funding available today to help your transition to digital care management

We know that running a care service is tough at the best of times, but with an electronic Medication Administration Record system (eMAR) you’re able to digitise the way you record, track and manage your medication administration to deliver the right medication at the right time. 

It’s not part of our free or paid plans, but eMar is an add-on that you’re able to buy. Once you have Log my Care, it only takes a few hours to get your eMAR system up and running.

We’ve designed Log my Care to help you get back time, save money, deliver person-centred care, easily create reports and keep your data safe. Our platform is easy to use, there’s no lengthy contract and we’ll even help you navigate the funding opportunities in your local Integrated Care System (ICS) to make your digitalisation transition.

We’re the only digital care management platform that offers a free plan, giving you everything you need to go paperless. So try our free starter package today and enjoy eMAR as a paid add-on.

Discover the Log my Care difference

We give you the technology to provide outstanding care, through our easy-to-use online dashboard for managers, and our app for carers and support workers.

Our dashboard is where you find reports about your clients’ important health information, and a place for you to store all your important documents and policies that your teams need to be aware of. 

Our dashboard is your control centre, giving you a real-time overview of what’s happening in your service, wherever you are. While our app lets your team log and check off tasks as they go.

Use our dashboard to add each member of your team. Assign them to specific clients and give them tasks to complete in our carer app. Also create profiles for each of your service users that contain a detailed digital profile. This includes an overview of their basic information, medical history, emergency contacts and more. Enhance these with add-ons, like electronic medication (eMAR) charts and consent forms.

Our eMAR system covers all the bases, from prompts to give medication at set times and frequencies, to stock checkers for reordering prescriptions.

More about eMAR within Log my Care

Digital care planning is beneficial for an eMAR system because it improves the accuracy and efficiency of medication administration and documentation, ultimately leading to better person-centred care.

With Log my Care, simply set up MAR charts by choosing medication from the NHS dm+d database and setting a time and frequency. Carers will then be notified when to administer medication and will digitally sign this off in our Carer App, requiring a witness for controlled substances. If medication can’t be given, staff select a reason and confirm if the stock amount has changed.

Managers are able to check the progress of rounds, monitor stock levels and identify discrepancies, all from one central report. If a round is missed, you’ll see an alert within the Care Office dashboard, so you’re able to take action.

A full medication history is stored for each service user, which you filter through to check compliance.

The eMAR system is just one of a number of great add-on features supported by Log my Care.

See all of our features

We've got a whole host of features that will help you provide outstanding care to your clients, including those tailored for care delivery and service efficiency.

For service efficiency

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For updating family and friends

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Features overview

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The benefits to you

Log my Care is a one-stop digital care management solution.

Our features help your teams deliver outstanding care and the efficiencies they bring help to keep your costs down. Real-time logs with remote access make sure everyone knows what’s going on, anytime, anywhere.

Great for staff morale

Our simple, empowering platform boosts wellbeing and your team’s confidence to deliver quality care. Our easy-to-use tools mean that staff with varying skill levels deliver the proper care at the correct times. 

Continuous insights, with real-time data, help you identify improvements and stay on top of your to do list.

Log my Care is also secure. We’re accredited by the NHS Transformation Directorate as an Assured Supplier. We’re also Cyber Essentials PLUS certified, which means we keep all of your eMAR data protected and only the right people get relevant access.

Producing electronic care plans and creating an eMAR solution saves you time and space. Fast access to logs and archives in the cloud will make your filing cabinets a thing of the past.

Supporting you with your digital transition

When you want to go digital and benefit from an eMAR system, our experienced team is with you every step of the way to help you prepare and get up and running, whether you’ve got one, or multiple sites.

We know you’re super busy, so we aim to get your account setup within 30 minutes of you registering your service (9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday). That means you start adding your clients, inviting your team members and setting up your eMAR system straight away.

After you’ve registered, our dedicated support team is always on hand to help, with one-to-one calls, or message threads to our 24/7 online support hub and care community.

Check out more benefits

Deliver person-centered care

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Easily create reports

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Keep your data safe

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We’re the only digital care management system that offers a free plan, giving you everything you need to go paperless. If you opt for one of our paid plans, or add-ons, we’ll calculate your bill based on the number of active service users you have, not your estimated capacity.

We're on a mission to make person-centred technology accessible to everybody in social care. That's why our starter plan is 100% free and always will be – no catch, no time limits or usage restraints. It includes everything you need to get your eMAR solution up and running.

Based on 30 service users

Everything you need to go paperless
from £240.00/ month + VAT
That's £2880.00 per year
For people-centred care delivery
Contact us for a quote
For oversight and impact
Choose annual billing to get 2 months for free.
Everything you need to go paperless
from £7 / month
per active service user
For people-centred care delivery
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For oversight and impact

What our customers have to say

Of course we believe that Log my Care is up there with the best digital care management platforms, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“It’s saved our carer’s valuable time and it gives managers a snapshot of each resident – from what they’ve had to drink and their weight, to how they mobilised that day and their mood.”

“A must-have app for all nursing homes! We’ve been using it for just over a week and it’s amazing. So simple to use and logs everything that’s needed – can’t recommend this enough. Life as a carer just got a whole lot easier.”

“We wanted care plans that were adaptable, focusing on the variance in people’s needs and outcomes – and that’s what we have with Log my Care. Care planning is much faster, freeing us up to spend more time with our residents.”

We’re serious about protecting you and your data here at Log my Care. To obtain our Cyber Essentials PLUS certification with the government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), we went through extensive independent inspections."

"Downloading the app and using the platform for free was almost too good to be true – super impressed!"

"The pricing structure is clear and cheaper than a lot of other systems, and there are no hard sales calls. There’s even a free trial, so if you don't like it you can cancel."

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