Take the first step on your digital journey

Log my Care is the most user-friendly platform for digital care management. Empowering the care sector since 2017, our flexible solution enables providers of all sizes to deliver proactive care and finally have oversight of their service.

With minimal training required, thousands of care providers feel comfortable going digital with us to empower their teams and reap the benefits that affordable technology in the care sector can bring.

Unlock the building blocks for outstanding care, in 30 minutes

Modernising the care sector should never come at the expense of your carers. You need a platform that helps you get more done from day one, and which enhances the care you deliver, so you can truly manage every moment.

Change can be challenging. But it all starts with a single step.

If you have more than 30 service-users, we recommend this 1:1 consultation with our friendly team of digitalisation experts, where together we'll have the chance to dive into your current digitalisation plans and challenges, and unlock the insight you need to take the next step on your digital transformation journey.

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Over 30 minutes, we'll explore:

Now and next

Examine the current approach of your care teams, and uncover upcoming trends you need to be aware of.

Mapping the journey

Discuss what's not working, identify your unique digitalisation goals, challenges and obstacles, and discover how Log my Care can help to get you where you want to be.

Digitalisation in action

Explore how digital care records are actively improving service efficiency, employee wellness, and helping carers manage every moment.

Digitalisation at a glance

Discover how the right platform can empower your teams to deliver outstanding care, every day.

Making a case for change

Unlock tips and tricks to help your care teams embrace digital change and reap the benefits of transformation.

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